For the Love of Waterford and Quilts

Monday morning I was at my local thrift store at opening time along with six others. After my exciting Steuben glass apple find a few days ago, I wasn’t expecting to find much based on the law of averages. But by golly I did. (In the end I needed a big cart!)

Part of my buying strategy this year has been to focus on quality brands so when I spotted these two Waterford martini glasses, still with their foil stickers, I had to scoop them up. There was a third, which I probably should have gotten, but I thought it would be easier to sell a pair. And an unused pair at that! That is unless my husband, a martini drinker, wants to keep them. They would certainly elevate the martini-drinking experience.

Paid $10.49 each. Believe these are in the Lismore pattern.

And they are HUGE. They make our glasses look minuscule!

On the fabric/towel/linen shelves I spotted a number of folded up quilts. (Usually they hang them up so that was curious.) I started opening them up and realized two things: they were all in like-new condition and all hand quilted!! I choose two that I found most intriguing. Both have figures which turn out to be Indonesian! The figural fabric pieces set in the cotton quilts are Jaka batik prints.

This one (folded in half over here on my chair) is a large lap-sized quilt. I love the boho vibe it gives the room.

This lovely one in ’80s colors is a large twin-sized with eight Jaka batik panels. (Currently these panels sell separately for $20-$35 each!)

Priced at $148.

They are not the antique quilts that collectors are clamoring for, but they are unique, visually striking, in beautiful condition and ready to be used! The other quilts on the shelves (all florals) were obviously from the same source but didn’t ring my bell. But quilts will always be on my BOLO list because of my grandmother. She made quilts for each of her grandchildren and great grandchildren and we all treasure them. I so appreciate the craftsmanship and time it takes to create them. It did make me a little sad to see all these donated from the same source. Had no family member wanted them?? Or perhaps they had already taken the ones they wanted. Still I’ll find these new homes!! (Cost for both $37.)

As I was paying I got talking with one of the managers who’s been there for years. I commented on the great things I was buying and she said they’d been getting lots of good stuff lately. I know the staff is not allowed to buy at the store and I commented on that. She said “No, it’s okay” and then shared that she had been at a Goodwill store some miles away (where she is allowed to buy) and scored some amazing high-end cutlery and knives which pleased me.

Here’s what I DIDN’T buy…

Buying quirky things is another of my 2023 buying strategies and I thought this metal/spark plug folk art operation piece was great fun. But I wondered how long he would take to sell. And at $11 plus change, I decided to pass it by. (I would have bought it at $5 or less.)

I had these two older copper and brass cups in my cart from the get go, but the insides of both were quite corroded and at $5.89 each, I just wasn’t sure. In the end I left them behind, but I keep thinking about them. Gosh I think I should have bought them. [Drat, they were gone by the next day.]

Well, life is full of choices and sometimes I make blunders–both on what I buy and don’t buy. But one of the things I appreciate about this biz is the infinite opportunity to keep learning. I love that.

Wishing you happy hunting,


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