Not the Week I Planned…

So Sunday was Mother’s Day and I woke up with a sore throat. Likely nothing I told myself. So I took a hot shower and started getting ready for church and realized the soreness was not going away and I was starting to feel a cold coming on. I decided it was best to stay home. Later in the day my husband cooked a delicious dinner and my daughters came over and it was lovely. Just lovely. Except that I felt sick.

I have been prone to colds my entire life usually getting two a year, every year, like clockwork. Some got quite serious and developed into nasty sinus infections. A few caused insanely painful ear drum ruptures that left me temporarily deaf in that ear for weeks.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio.

Thankfully I haven’t had one of those ruptures for decades. Still it’s annoying to keep getting colds! Now with a full-fledged cold I’ve only left the house once in four days and that was to make a critical post office drop off for a customer. I’ve tried to keep up with chores but I’m worn out.

And in the midst of this “feeling like crap week” I get a message from an Etsy buyer that an item I had sent her had arrived in bits. And frankly I was almost in tears. This antique piece of cut crystal was gorgeous. I would have been happy to have kept it. I loved it. And I was surprised that it didn’t survive the journey. I have shipped hundreds and hundreds of breakable items and have literally had only four breakages in 11 years.

In the end I gave her a full refund including shipping cost, which meant instead of making about $90+ profit, I was $38 in the red. Gosh. That’s so disappointing. But what’s worse is that my inadequate packing got this beautiful piece get destroyed!

And of course with my cold I haven’t been sourcing this week. And I miss it. It’s an itch I can’t scratch. Still I have plenty to list. I am embarrassed to admit that over the last six months I’ve bought a number of fabulous vintage sterling silver charm bracelets online and haven’t listed ANY of the charms. (I have worn a few of the bracelets out though!)

So I started cutting off a few charms today and got some listed. My charm profit is typically small as I pay up for these bracelets but I keep a few of the favorite charms for myself for my own bracelets. My charm sales pay for my own charm fetish!!

But notably this week with my cold I find my fridge is now bare. I’ve got celery, half a red onion, a bit of cheese and tuna salad. Normally I’d have my husband pick up some food, but he’s out of town for a few days. I’ve been tempted to have some groceries delivered, but I like to pick my own produce.

So today, feeling a smidge better, I pulled myself together and headed out into the world. Bought myself some strawberries, blackberries, mushrooms, a green pepper, cheese and a bit of chicken. Good to have fresh food and a few more options!

As the week winds down I realized it was not the week I planned. Or the week I wanted. But I am at the end of it and started to feel better and by next week, I’ll be back to “normal” life. 😊

Hoping your week has gone well,



  1. I know how you feel…I have the sore throat and cold, too.
    Thinking there must be something going around. Glad that you are on the mend, now.


  2. Oh Karen! Sorry you had such a lousy week! There’s nothing worse than a spring or summer cold! Glad you are feeling better! Love the Charms!

    Liked by 1 person

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