Eclectic Mix of Vintage Finds

Just had to go to this liquidation estate sale because it was only a mile from my house! All the “regulars” were there, with Juan and Miguel at the top of the signup list as usual. I, alas, was #21. But I was feeling que sera sera about it. If I missed out on the good stuff, there would be other sales and other stuff. There always is.

Turns out the house owner, an older widow, had just moved to a smaller place and these were the odds and ends she didn’t want. Some cookware, linens, framed posters, an old bed, a few books, knickknacks. Picture your grandmother’s house with 85% of the belongings gone.

Not being allowed into the house in the first group (They cut the line at #20…so close!!), I thought it was quite possible I would walk out without buying anything. Thankfully, they let the next five in line pretty quick and I went on to snag the oddest group of things.

My first find was this super painting by Duane Berry (or Derry). I really like the colors and the stark quality. So far haven’t been able to find out anything about the artist.


Then I found these two hand-carved wood monk bookends. Most people had walked past these and didn’t give them a second glance, but I thought they were too weird and wonderful to pass up. I’m thinking these may have been made for the tourist trade in a south-of-the-border country.


Lastly I grabbed this little metal bus. I don’t usually buy toys, but I thought, what the heck, it’s cute! (Turns out it’s a Lonestar, made in England, possibly a 1980s promotional piece.)


I was surprised to find over a dozen photo albums in the garage. I would have thought someone in the family would have wanted these…but apparently not! Now I adore old photos and got excited for a few minutes, but these were all color photos (in those awful magnetic page albums) from the 1970s and onwards. A lot of generic scenery shots and old people in front of birthday cakes. Nothing that intrigued me, but I have to admit it was hard to see them in the dim lighting in the garage. And then I noticed all the experienced pickers had little flashlights. (Need to get me one of those!)

Though I didn’t buy much, I enjoyed myself. Enjoyed being out and about early in the morning. Enjoyed talking with other buyers before the sale opened. Enjoyed finding a few goodies. It set up the day nicely … that and my morning coffee and prayers 🙂 It doesn’t take much!

What sets up your day nicely??

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