Selling Off My Past …

I have vast reservoirs of sentimentality. Vast. Particularly since the deaths of several close family members. The things I own that were once theirs have become undeniably “precious.” But over the years I slowly realized some of these bits weren’t that important to me. How important could they be if they’re stored in a box in a closet and never used, displayed or appreciated?

Time to let them go.

So over the last few years I’ve been been selling off more of these bits. Last week I sold my mom’s Girl Scout pin. Circa 1948, it originally cost 15 cents!  She let me wear it when I was Girl Scout (a zillion years ago).

This little sweetie sold for $45.

And today I sold a lot of baby cards. After my mother’s death I helped my dad sort through her stuff and I found a pile of baby cards they had received when I was born. My dad was only too happy to let me have them. So they went from her dresser drawer in Florida to my dresser drawer in California where they’ve sat for the last 13 years. I pulled them out a few months ago and decided it was time to let them go. I listed them in my Etsy store and they just sold for $12. (My husband thought I was hard core selling these, but honestly what was I going to do with them?!)

Here’s my favorite one. The rose unfolds to reveal a baby. I have no idea who Aunt Frieda and Uncle Charlie were!!


And last month my 1973 Toronto “Godspell” playbill featuring Gilda Radner, Eugene Levy and Martin Short sold to a college student who loves Gilda Radner. I have to admit I felt a tad sad selling this one but glad it has a new, appreciative home.

Sold for $26.

I have a few more sentimental things in my store. Some earrings I inherited from an aunt. A nice Sarah Coventry jewelry set of my mom’s. One of my uncle’s hats. School letters from junior high when I was a smarty-pants on the honor roll.

It feels good…to let them go. And, of course, doubly fun to make a little money at the same time!

How about you? Anything you’ve let go of recently??


  1. I am a bit of a packrat. Still have my report cards from 2nd grade but they were from Ukraine so extra nostalgia. One of these days I’d like to let go of some books I am probably never going to read.


    1. Eugenia, thanks for sharing this. 🙂 Books are a weakness for me. My mother’s college poetry textbook is one I’ll never let go…but I do actually use as a prop sometimes in photo shoots for items in my online store. – Karen

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  2. Wow! I remember going to the Godspell play in Toronto with our church youth group.. I don’i remember Gilda Radner, Eugene Levy and Martin Short even being in it. I have no idea where my playbill ended up. I can’t believe you managed to keep track of it all these years!


    1. Hi Carol. I stuck my playbill in a scrapbook I put together when I was 14 or 15. That’s the only reason it survived. I was shocked when I dug out the scrapbook, found the playbill and discovered who we had seen! I almost kept it then decided I could let it go!! XOXO, Karen


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