You Know You Want It…

In the world of online purchases some scenarios leave me scratching my head!

Over a year ago Reggie* contacted me about an item in my Etsy store. He offered me 30% less than my asking price and additionally told me what he’d be willing to pay in postage, which was $2 less than I had listed! (Now, let me interject here that Etsy is NOT a “make best offer” environment. The price listed is the price you pay.) I felt my price and shipping cost for the item were fair and politely declined his offer and didn’t counter.

militarycaseFast forward to earlier this week (Yes, over  a year later!) and he contacts me again about the same item. (Yes, it was STILL for sale.) His new offer included the original item and another item, plus free shipping. All totaled it would have been a 23% discount this time.

Now you might be thinking I should jump at his offer. After all, the item had been in my store for a long, long time. But the truth is a lot of vintage items are “long haul.” They are unique and some take awhile to find new owners. I’m okay with that.

And the item Reggie wanted was a super cool, military item that I think is rare-ish as I have not found another one like it after hours of research. And honestly, the bottom line is I am happy to keep it. I have used it as a purse for years!

In the end I made a counteroffer and Reggie didn’t respond. Which I thought was a bit odd. I felt like saying, “Dude, just buy it. You know you want it!”

Then the other day, out of the blue, Reggie bought it! Paid the full price and the shipping. No more offers. No more communications. Just did it.

I’m not sure whether I feel happy or sad, but it’s on the way to his house now. And I keep thinking how he could have owned this over a year ago!!

So the moral of the story is if you are a SELLER and you think you have an item “priced right,” stick to your guns…or in this case your price! And if you are a BUYER and you want to make an offer, keep it reasonable 🙂 and remember sometimes the price is the price!

* not his real name

P.S. Reggie, if you happen to stumble on this blog post, I hope you enjoy the case, but if not, I accept returns within seven days.


  1. Great post and I agree that sometimes we have to stick to our price. I mark down a lot of my stuff but not the truly awesome treasures. I know someone will come along and love them and happily pay the price. 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comment Patricia! I’m like you…while I will negotiate sometimes or offer sale prices, if I think my initial price is still a fair market value price I’m willing to hold out for the right buyer.

      Hope your business is doing well. I’ve been holding off buying much the last few weeks because I’m a bit backlogged in inventory. But yard sale season is upon us!!! I can’t resist much longer! – Karen

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