“Odd” Sells

I know that odd things sell. My husband often shakes his head at the things I’ve sold which have included small birds nests from my yard, a quirky brass dragon from Tibet, vintage used baby cards (mine by the way…have no idea who Aunt Frieda and Uncle Charles were) and a bug pin.

But I have to admit when I picked up this wonky, handmade wood globe at Goodwill, even I shook my head. Made in Haiti, its geographical interpretation of the world has no basis in reality and the globe was…well…lumpy.


After a chuckle or two, I put it back on the shelf. And then I picked it up again.

It’s not often that you find the truly unique at thrift stores. And the globe does have a certain appeal. A naive charm if you will. I could picture some guy laboring over writing in the countries. In the end I bought it. Time will tell if this bit of odd sells!

On the same visit I found this Poppytrail ceramic dish, made in California circa 1940s/50s. The sides are made to look like logs. Cute and odd in its own way. It’s in wonderful condition and so far I haven’t found anything else like it for sale online. Love finding these scarce items!


And I was finally able to complete a picking transaction with Bonnie, a friend of a friend, and buy some fabulous bits from her. Amongst the vintage lingerie and gloves, I decided to spring for the authentic vintage pith helmet from India ‘cuz you never know when the need for an old-school pith helmet (with a slightly smooshed top) will arise!! (Soon to be in my store.)


As always happy hunting!!

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