Yes, It is Addicting!

The other day on one of my usual early morning Goodwill forays, I bumped into a mom whose daughter used to go to school with my youngest daughter. It was so fun catching up. Turns out over the summer the mom and her daughter had hit up thrift stores on a regular basis to find things for the daughter’s apartment in Los Angeles. Now, the apartment is furnished but the mom confessed it was hard to stop going thrifting!!! Oh boy. So now she is buying things that she sends her daughter as care packages. The daughter has finally said, “Mom stop.”

SIDEBAR: Yes, thrift store addiction is a powerful thing. Like any addiction there is a rush–a bit of euphoria as you scour the shelves and racks looking for fabulous items. And on the days you don’t go, you wonder what you’re missing! Stay away too long and you go into cranky withdrawal. Fact!

Now as we were chatting, who do I notice also working the aisle but fellow picker Bluetooth Joe. Geez. Lately I am seeing him ALL THE TIME! I’m starting to think of him as my nemesis.

Well, despite his insistent picking in MY neighborhood Goodwill. I have found some goodies this week. 🙂

One of my favorite finds was this winsome gal carved in alabaster and marble. She hails from Italy and has some scuffs and small chips (very wabi-sabi), but is delightful none the less! She’s enjoying a spot on our mantel till she sells.


Another nice bit is this china leaf/shell dish by Kaolena. Personally it’s not my style, but it’s in amazing condition with no chips, cracks or loss to the gold trim. Someone’s going to love this on their coffee table.


I don’t sell a lot of clothes, but some, and I always quickly scan the racks. The other day my eyes landed on this Mezon embellished tank top (made in the USA!) and I had a feeling this was something special…and it was. Brand new these tops sell for $120-$190!  This “pre-owned” beauty has a few small areas with lost embellishments, but is still a winner.


And I found this lounging set of loose wide-leg pants and short sleeve top in the most beautiful dark red silk fabric from Vietnam. I keep looking it over and I can’t find any damage. NONE. It looks like these were never worn! And did I mention they are SILK.


Well, these were some of my favorite finds of the week.

Next week, I’ll be blogging from New York City where I hope to find and share with you some great East Coast treasures.

Any good finds this week??

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