Thrifting in NYC

Okay, let’s just say upfront that thrift store deals are a little light on the ground in Manhattan if you’re buying stuff to resell. But hey, I’m here for a few days so I gotta try! So far haven’t found any “super deals,” but I bought a few things that should make a little money.

Here are my favorite finds:

  • vintage Louis Feraud (made in W. Germany) red wool jacket bought at a Housing Works on W. 17th St. The jacket is in wonderful condition.


  • At Pippin Vintage Store on W. 17th I scooped up some cabinet card photos of sad girls with their toys.
  • At the Housing Works on W. 10th St. I found this big bead plastic (lucite? celluloid? bakelite?) necklace. Imagine it with a crisp white shirt and skinny jeans…fabulous!

Across the street I popped into this tiny store with super nice clothes and jewelry.


  • I kept the sales clerk busy pulling out various trays of jewelry and eventually decided on buying this long aventurine necklace with huge pendant. Fingers crossed I can make a little $$ on this beauty.

Rounded off my day with lunch at Philip Marie Restaurant on Hudson St.: cheese tortellini with fresh tomatoes, basil, pine nuts and ricotta.  YUM!

So all in all, a great day 🙂

How about you?


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