Odd Vintage Things Do Sell!

Every now and then when I buy something to resell my family looks at it and shakes their heads. (Some of you may know what I’m talking about!) Their consensus–what was I thinking and it will never sell!

But if something appeals to me, I figure it will appeal to someone else. And I’ll admit I have a penchant for quirky hand-made items, things from a bygone era and those with the patina of usage.

These things do sell. Eventually. (And sometimes even quickly!)

Here are a few of my recent sales:

  • a teeny, tiny antique tatted purse lined in pink silk
  • 1953 graduation name cards (I inherited these from my aunt. Couldn’t bear to toss them in the recycle bin, but didn’t know what to do with them. They are headed to someone who works at Penn State.)
  • a remnant of African fabric with a Swahili proverb (“Today is today, one who says ‘tomorrow’ is a liar.”)
  • a 1958 ashtray with shaky, hand-painted gold trim (loved by the new owner)
  • an antique wire soap saver contraption
  • a vintage leather doctor’s bag (being used as a gift for a medical student)
  • a vintage Navy nautical slide rule
  • and a vintage handmade granny square afghan that went to Hawaii (she loves it by the way).

Granted, these particular items were not huge money makers. After all was said and done I cleared just $155. Not a whiz-bang amount. But honestly I love poking around in thrift stores, estate sales and yard sales. I love finding these cool, odd bits and I’m making a little money. So I figure it’s all good 🙂

So this is my encouragement…don’t hesitate to buy unique, quirky, vintage items. Listen to your intuition, that part of you that says “Wow, this is something different. Something special.” It will sell and you’ll be blessing somebody else when it does.

Happy hunting!!!


  1. it’s the interest or story or the nostalgic connection to the vintage item that resonates- as your post makes clear- the small amount of renumeration doesn’t come close! edwina xxx

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