Yes, Yes, Yes!

meg-ryan-sceneI had a Meg Ryan (“When Harry Met Sally”) moment in Goodwill today! Well, perhaps I should clarify…I had a very quiet Meg Ryan moment.

I was doing my usual circuit around the store when I got to the aisle with the metal stuff and I picked up a little silver gavel. Then I noticed, with a gasp, that it was fully hallmarked for British sterling silver! And the price…the price was just $3.37!!  What??!!

Well I was stunned and ecstatic at the same time. I never find sterling silver at my local Goodwill. NEVER. Even though I ALWAYS look. And there it was, out on the shelves where it had sat for a few days judging by the date on the sticker.


If I’m reading the date mark correctly it’s not super old (1994), but it is solid sterling silver (58.5 grams), from London, made by silver maker Solomon Joel Phillips. So far my research on similar sold gavels is putting the price around $110 and up. 🙂

So thank you Goodwill (and all you other shoppers who didn’t think this was anything special)! Finding this was a pure delight.

Happy hunting!! 


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