Find of the Week: Antique Stick Pins

I’ll admit I sometimes buy things that I know are old fashioned and out of vogue because I find them charming. These antique stick pins fell into that category…I think they are charming with a capital C! Don’t you??


I bought them from an eBay seller, and while he gave no information about them–no size, materials used, nothing–I could tell these were truly old and not reproductions and appeared in good condition.


Some could be made of low karat gold, maybe, and the blue stones could be Persian turquoise. The amethyst is glass and has a few fleabites noticeable under magnification.

One of the pins is a double pin with a chain that I couldn’t figure it out. Did a bit of research and found that typically women would hang charms and love tokens on these. The photo on the right is from Love Token Society.

Back in the day (Victorian and Edwardian eras), these 4″ stick pins would have been used by women at their collars and by men to tame a puffy necktie. (Yes, men wore them too!) Today I think they would look great on a blazer lapel or a jaunty hat.

Thanks to the seller accepting my offer and some eBay bucks I’d earned, I got these pins for a great price making them my find of the week!

How about you…what’s your find of the week?

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