Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend…Really??

marilynYesterday I had a “To Do” list that started with “Pick up diamonds.” (True!) Said diamonds had been removed from the 14kt gold items I had sold to my jeweler last week. I picked up two separate little packages with some teeny, tiny stones…from diamond chips to .07 stones. One packet belongs to me (from an estate sale ring) and the other to some nuns (though I hope to purchase these from them)…but I gotta tell ya…I’m out of my depth here!

What do I know about diamonds?? Oh sure there are the 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity, carat), but will I be able to figure out the 4 Cs on these tiny stones…not likely!! In fact I am too scared to take them out of the package for fear of losing one!


Diamonds (though my birth stone) have never been a big part of my life. I think they’re beautiful, but I’ve never felt the need to own many. Later in life, I’ve inherited a few diamond rings (mother, grandmother, aunt) and I do wear them, but mainly they are sentimental pieces. I’m more of a garnet/amethyst/turquoise kind of gal. But it is funny how diamonds always seem to be seen as the pinnacle of  “jewelry fabulousness.” Check out this 38-carat diamond ring given to Liz Taylor by Richard Burton. It is astounding. But still, not my kind of thing.

Elizabeth Taylor Retrospective...Manadatory Credit: Photo by Reginald Davis / Rex Features (918434AT) Elizabeth Taylor in New York. Showing her wearing the Richard Burton 38K diamond ring Elizabeth Taylor Retrospective
Photo by Reginald Davis / Rex Features.

Well, I’m going to work at figuring out fair prices to buy and sell my tiny diamonds…and leave you with this song by Marilyn Monroe…who I adore…but let’s face it, these lyrics are atrocious!!

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