Find of the Week: Northwest Coast Indian Basket

One of my favorite monthly charity rummage sales (for the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital) is back in business after taking a hiatus for six months while they looked for a new location. Unfortunately the best location they could find is only a fraction of the size of their previous location so there’s a lot less stuff and it got crowded fast. But having said that, it was still fun. The volunteers who run the sale are super nice and they receive some great donated items!

As usual I headed for the collectibles/antique room and within seconds of entering the room this tiny lidded basket grabbed my attention. Wow. This basket was fabulous. I just felt there was something special about it (and it was priced at a snip).


When I got home I started researching it and discovered similar baskets were made by the Makah and Nootka Indians…tribes along the Northwest Coast. One side features a boat and the other a whale. Whaling was a big part of their cultures. Some baskets have finer stitches (mine is 8 per inch), but the colors are still vibrant. There is one tiny bit of loss on the lid, but other than that it’s in super condition. Current sale prices vary a lot, so I’m using the “solds” more as my guide and will be pricing this at $74.99. This is definitely my find of the week!!

Other Rummage Sale Goodies

Almost everything I bought at the sale was small and indescribably cute!! Like this 1960s-era mini leather suitcase opens up to an address and date book.


This charming seesaw mug has on the backside “From your friend Jimmy Conn.”


This small Italian alabaster vase may be my dud of the day or my dark horse…I don’t know! It intrigued me because it wasn’t perfect but looked like it had been dug up in an archaeological dig. It has a small hole on the side and is discolored inside. “Italy” is crudely etched on the bottom. It came with a little wood stand so the previous owner had obviously cherished it. I have no idea if anyone else will think this is cool or interesting or just see it as a piece of rubbish. Your thoughts??

Some of My Recent Sales

Every sale is a good sale, but some of my recent sales are of things I just added to my store in the last few days/weeks. I find that rather affirming that I’m on the right track with what I’m buying.

Wishing you all happy hunting! 


P.S. I you haven’t checked out my Etsy store in a while, please do. 🙂 For orders $29.99 and over, use this coupon code – FRIENDS10 – at checkout for a 10% discount.

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