Find of the Week: Antique Bohemian Garnet Clover Pin

garnet-shamrock1I love old jewelry and have a weak spot for Victorian-era Bohemian garnet pieces. Their brilliant deep red stones and craftsmanship charms me. I have a small collection of pins and bracelets that I wear, and from time to time I sell a piece and other times I add to the collection. This week was an “add”!

I saw this piece on eBay and screeched to a halt in my viewing (so to speak). This little four-leaf clover was beautifully encrusted (not a stone missing!) and not a shape I own.

The seller had “make best offer” on it so I decided to try for it and submitted what I thought was a fair offer. Twenty-four hours passed and I hadn’t heard back from her so I assumed she wasn’t going to accept my offer. Then she did!

I paid right away and she shipped right away and I got it yesterday. There is always a bit of nervousness opening an online purchase. Will it be as good as it looked in the photos?? And it was! I even got a nice thank you note from the seller.

I’ll enjoy wearing this.

Did You Know?

garnet-adBohemian garnets started to come into use in the 1500s, but hit their peak in the mid-1800s-early 1900s when new jewelry techniques allowed for smaller stones to be used. Considered the “poor man’s rubies,” pieces were soon dripping with stones and much in demand! During this time, the garnet industry in Bohemia employed 10,000 people.

By the 1920s/30s tastes and economic situations changed and these fanciful garnet pieces fell out of favor. Later in the 20th century, these older pieces were rediscovered and have been collected by enthusiasts (like me!) ever since.

What makes your heart pitter-patter?


  1. I have to tell you Karen, I was pleasantly surprised by my husband for Christmas. I received not one, but two boxes about 12×20 inches….he had cut Styrofoam to fit inside and displayed beautiful pins and jewelry!!! I cried when I opened the first one…how romantic and thoughtful!!! I’ll try to display my pics soon on facebook. I love your new pin!!!

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