What I’m Finding Online…to Sell and Keep

I was reflecting the other day how the advent of websites like eBay, Ruby Lane and Etsy have dramatically changed the world of buying and selling vintage and antique goods. Things that took forever and a day to find pounding the pavement at flea markets, auctions and antique stores can be easily located online from the comfort of home…even in the early internet days of dial-up modems when photos took forever to load! In the infant days of eBay, typical payment meant mailing a check to a seller, waiting for it to clear, and finally receiving your item 2-3 weeks later. Some sellers didn’t even include any photos or they were so blurry as to be all but useless. It all seems a bit primitive and Wild West now, but I did find some wonderful things that I still enjoy today.

These days I mostly look online for undervalued stuff that I can sell in my Etsy store, spending 2-3 hours a week perusing various categories. Some weeks I come up bupkis. Still I enjoy doing it and when I find something, I do a little happy dance.

Like recently. I stumbled on an auction for a fabulous Leonore Doskow sterling silver locket shaped like a pocket watch.

Doskow became a silversmith in 1932 working from a studio in upstate New York. Her work, typically jewelry and smalls, was equal parts modern and whimsical favoring bold initials and is still desirable today.

But the more I looked at the auction photos, the more I realized I wasn’t looking at a locket. I was looking at a pill or snuff box. Here are the clues: the top handle wouldn’t be appropriate for wearing it as a locket, it was too puffy, the big tab for opening wasn’t typical on a locket, and there were no holders for keeping photos in place.


As a locket it was big and awkward prompting only two other folks to make bids on it. Low bids. In the end I won. I now have it listed as a small snuff/pill box (which is what I think it is) and as such it should have a wider appeal and better profitability. 🙂 Time will tell!


I also recently won a lot that included a vintage silver charm bracelet composed of enamel shields of (mostly) German cities and a jade Chinese good luck bracelet.

While I did “pay up” for this duo, I think there’s meat on the bone! I did decide to remove all the shields from the bracelet and sell them singly. (The bracelet was very lightweight and unmarked with a newer lobster claw closure that had been added at a later date. Not so great in other words, and the shields were attached with a mish-mosh of jump rings, many not fully closed which can lead to loss.)

Now for myself, I found something quite special…it’s a late 1800s bohemian garnet festoon necklace.


I have a thing for old garnets and this necklace was a stunner in my books. My deal with myself is that if I find something I want to buy to keep, I have to put other personal items in my store. So far I’ve come up with two pieces of jewelry I don’t wear much and I will add a third to cover the cost of this necklace. No regrets though…I love it. 🙂

Hope you are enjoying the summer. I find I’m already looking forward to autumn.

As always, happy hunting,


  1. Nice finds! Glad you acquired a piece you love!
    I have a similar bracelet with charms but from England. It seems to miss one pendant, looking at an abnormal spacing in the charms. I hadn’t thought that charms would sell on their own – clearly I’m not in the knowing 😉

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    1. I did indeed find a piece I love! I feel rather grand wearing it.

      And yes, single charms do sell. I’ve sold a couple this month so far, but sometimes I put together little groupings of 2-4 charms which also appeal to folks. You should look on Etsy or eBay to find a charm for your “abnormal spacing”!!

      P.S. I’m enjoying reading about your yarn purchases and creations. 🙂

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  2. My eyes are out on stalks looking at that beautiful garnet necklace! Would love to hear about where you end up wearing it…the holidays are coming.

    I have a vintage dual bracelet with about 50 similar charms on it (along with a random little puffy heart, pig, and sailor playing the accordion). I kick myself for how much I paid and have never worn it. Maybe you will have inspired me to dig it out and do something with it!

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