A Charming Bracelet

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know that I adore old sterling silver charm bracelets. I have a personal collection that I’ve slowly whittled down from 25 to 10 or so. And I do wear them! A few days ago I piled on four to wear to my writers’ group meeting.

And I’ll be honest, they are still like kryptonite to me! Though nowadays instead of buying them for myself, I buy them for my Etsy store. Last week I bought this one (circa 1930-1950) from another online seller. Gulp…it wasn’t cheap, but I spotted a few charms  that I knew were scarce if not rare. I plan on piecing it out and should make a reasonable profit. Not huge, but reasonable. 🙂


Here’s one of the best…a rare cocktail bar with seats that swivel.


One recently sold for $60 and I’m not finding any others for sale right now.

Another good one is the devil that pops out of the cocktail shaker.


These are not uncommon, but the level of detail on this devil is. A seller on eBay sold a number of these charms (I took this photo from WorthPoint) and their devil looks more like a cat!


I’m guessing these are much newer versions. Still folks paid $50-70 for these!!

This dachshund charm with a movable head and is one I had never seen before.


Sold prices vary from $15-48.

This rickshaw charm is uncommon only in that three separate elements move: the man, the wheels and the cover.


Sold prices for similar charms vary from $12-$20.

This movable cuckoo clock with a Roman numeral face is quite nice.


Sold prices vary from $12 – $25 for similar clock charms.

Another charm that I had never seen before was this tea-ball strainer or pomander.


One sold in February for $20.

And of course there are a number of other charms that are more common place, but still sellable. Like this cute wicker French market basket charm with movable wheels.


And this old lady who lives in a shoe.


Some I may group in little lots. For example, I may put the tiny baby shoes with a baby stroller from another bracelet.

So I need to put my skates on and start getting these charms listed in my store!

And the big question–do charms sell? Yes! Though, like many vintage things, they tend to be long tail. Still I sold three this month that I only recently added, so you never know.

As always, happy hunting,


P.S. If you have a vintage charm bracelet you no longer wear and don’t want to sell it yourself, please do contact me. I may be interested. 🙂


  1. Like your charm bracelets! I too have a weakness for them. I especially love the one I have made of charms given to my husband’s grandmother from her friends at the turn of the century. I have bought a few to add to that one and like to wear them together also. Love your Blog!

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