Antiquing on Vacation

What a treat to see two dear friends from my college days this past week while I was on vacation in Pennsylvania. So much good talk, good food and good hunting. 🙂

I didn’t buy tons of stuff, but I did purchase a few well-priced antiques and some irresistible, quirky, vintage “smalls.” Sadly I had to pass up buying a number of things that were just too impractical to bring back on a plane or too expensive to ship. I found a stunning marble vase I wanted for myself, but in the end decided against it because of it’s weight…though it would have looked great in our living room! My friend Lauri had her own tough decisions!

This stunning black marble fireplace captured Lauri’s heart, but wasn’t practical for her apartment.

Antique Store Finds

At our first store, The Antique Center of Gettysburg, most of the items were in locked cases, which was a bit off putting because you have to run back and forth to the front desk to get the shop owner to open up a case. But I did spot this well-priced, lovely sterling silver tomato server worth getting a case unlocked. It’s made by James R. Armiger Co. (Baltimore, MD), and is beautifully engraved with intertwined initials and the date 1905 and weighs a solid 79 grams. Nowadays someone could use this to serve cake, fish, almost anything.


Rebel’s Roost Antique Emporium was a different story…a barn of a building with three floors of vendors and most of the stuff unlocked. I found lots of smalls here, but my favorite was the antique button sample card from the Eureka Button Co. I can see this framed and used as decor.


Another day, on the way back home after spending hours at the Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square (worth a drive), we popped into three antique stores we had passed on the way to the gardens. (The flowers at Longwood were outstanding…my attempt at a selfie with Lauri not so good, but we were happy!)

At Cackleberry Farm Antique Mall in Paradise, I found the sweetest baby/doll dress with a crocheted bodice and hem. It was in pristine condition.


When we walked into Paradise Valley Antiques down the road from Cackleberry our hearts sank a little at first because it was mostly furniture, but then I immediately spotted this old Victorian or Edwardian shrug. Gosh this was nice. As I looked it over, the owner at the desk said with a smile, “That would fit you.” And it did and was so reasonably priced. I also appreciated that the items in this store were good quality, true antiques and the owner was a delight.


One of my quirky finds (at the Antique Marketplace of Lemoyne) was a box of four packages of very old Banner Steel Pins. Love the graphics of these packages. And at 75% off, such a deal!


I will say if you are ever near Lemoyne, this is a must-visit place. It’s huge with 170 vendors and a wide variety of goods. A bit overwhelming really! After a while I ended up mainly looking in booths that were having sales.

Photo by Antique Marketplace of Lemoyne

Thrift Store Finds

I’m always on the lookout for well-made afghans in good condition. I wasn’t 100% sure if I could squeeze this vintage zig-zag afghan into my suitcase, but I had to try. This appears to have been made for a nursery.


I also spotted a vintage gold-filled filigree pin with a large lapis lazuli stone. A bit pricey for a thrift store, but a nice piece of costume jewelry. Would look great pinned to a piece of velvet and used as a choker.


My friend Kristie (and former college freshman roomie) rocked it at the thrift stores in Chambersburg finding lots of brooches and items that she’s going to repurpose as jewelry holders. She was my guest blogger a few months back, but we hadn’t seen each other for 28 years! So good to see her again.


So despite weird weather and getting lost a few times, it was a trip I’ll always treasure!

How about you…ever antique or thrift on vacation?


  1. Loved this article…Wow you guys really did have all the fun of antiquing!!! Good food good fellowship and good times…thanks again!!!

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