Picking Serendipity

Today I was supposed to be assisting an older woman with her computer projects. After working out at my gym, I rushed home, took a shower and headed to her house. Alas no one answered the door or either phone number. I waited in my car a bit just in case I had caught her in the bathroom, but finally gave up waiting. Drat.

Then I remembered there was a two-hour liquidation estate sale in my neighborhood. It was over an hour into the sale and I knew it would be well picked over but heck, it was less than a mile from my house. 🙂

It was still hopping when I parked and people were walking out of the house with bags of stuff, which was a tad foreboding. Once inside I headed up stairs first to an attic-like storage area. My eyes first lighted on a big box of printed illustrations. These were kinda cool…really cool! But the box was too heavy for me to pick up and I decided to keep looking. There were lots of books, but I’m swimming in unlisted books so I went downstairs to try my luck. When I was heading down the stairs I spotted one of the burly estate sale workers and it popped in my head, “Ask him to bring down the box of illustrations for you.” So I did and he did.

I wasn’t even sure what they were, but the more I dug into the box, the more I felt they were something. My gut said “Buy these.” So I did!


Turns out they are original, uncollated copies (pages really) of “Promethean Enterprises” comics including the first issue published in 1969.




I looked in Worthpoint and found these vintage comic fanzines (32 pages when all put together) have sold for $150 and $131. Sweet!!! And someone has the first issue priced at $260. Now, that does give me serious pause.

Doing a little more research I discovered that the owner of the house, James Vadeboncoeur Jr., who was the editor of the magazine, is still alive and heading soon to take up residence in Paris. Nice!! Illustrator Rick Griffin (deceased) was a leading designer of psychedelic posters in the 1960s. Others included Robert Crumb, Greg Irons and Al Williamson.

I’m not quite sure yet how I’m going to sell all of this. Or even what I have. The stack of covers and contents (folded and unfolded) is daunting in a delicious way. Ideally it would be great to sell them all as one big lot to a comic reseller who could sell them at a shop or comic con.

The weird thing is that I also found a wonderful packet of vintage photos (’40s-60s) on the floor that everyone else had passed up. Crazy!!!

So while I was disappointed not to do my computer job today, in the end, it worked out better! It was truly serendipitous.

How about you? Any serendipitous finds?


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