Raiding My Jewelry Box

Was all set to go to an estate sale on Friday, but it was chilly and rainy so I talked myself into going today on the second day of the sale when I’ll be able to negotiate prices and it won’t be raining! (Good plan.) And I decided to spend Friday listing items in my store…a tedious but inescapable and necessary job. But rather than tackle the piles of inventory in my office (which often taunt me!), I felt motivated to bring out my personal jewelry from the bedroom.

I’ve been noticing for a while that I keep wearing the same pieces of jewelry over and over while neglecting others. Does this happen to you too?  You may even like those other pieces, but they just don’t see the light of day. Well, I decided it was pointless to own things I’m no longer wearing. Some I will offer to my daughters first, but I’m guessing most of it will end up in my store looking for new homes! Maybe yours. 🙂

My first round of goodies…

P.S. Estate Sale Bust

I did get to the estate sale today. It was advertised as opening at 8:00 on, but didn’t open till 9:00, so I waited for 45 minutes in the chilly morning air. Once inside I realized that while there was still a lot of stuff, it wasn’t the type or quality I was hoping for. In the end all I bought were two little (but heavy) brass Chinese zodiac dishes. I negotiated 50% off the price and got it.


They’re sweet, but weren’t worth the wait. I was definitely expecting to find more “smalls” to buy. I drove away darn disappointed.

Oh well, it’s like that sometimes…a bust! I think I’ll go back to raiding my jewelry box for goodies to list. 🙂

Happy hunting!


  1. That jewelry thing does happen to me… tend to wear my Brighton almost exclusively but every now and then I need those that are hiding in the drawer… just the right piece for something I don’t wear often.
    A move is a good opportunity to purge!

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    1. Hi Leslie…did you purge when you moved?? I have this one really blingy rhinestone necklace. I have never worn it, but keep thinking someday this necklace will be just what I want to wear for some event! 🙂


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