Are You Competitive?

I don’t think of myself as competitive person. Other than playing a mean game of cards, I don’t begrudge someone else winning or having good fortune or finding really good items at a store or sale.

So I don’t know what happened today.

Here’s the story…despite being embarrassingly grubby after a workout at my gym, I decided to run some errands on my way home, including a stop at my neighborhood thrift store (naturally!). Though it was just 9:30, the store was already super busy. In fact as I went down one aisle, a nicely dressed and coifed woman was working her way up the aisle and already had a full cart. Rats! Was she finding all the good stuff?

And, alas, I wasn’t finding anything “basket worthy.” Nothing. My friend Rosalie thinks I’m finding fewer things at thrift stores nowadays because I’ve gotten pickier and have set stringent buying guidelines for myself this year. I think she’s right! Things that I would have bought a few years ago, just aren’t good enough now or what I’m looking to sell.

So I roamed around and around with an empty basket until I spotted this fanciful, light-weight woven cotton throw in light yellow and merlot colors with “Monika” on the border. It was hanging amidst the used sheets, cheap tablecloths and pilled blankets. Hmmm…this showed promise.


As I was looking at it, the nicely dressed woman with the full cart came up behind me and said, “Wow, that’s pretty.”

I answered, “Yes, it is, isn’t it.” And as I continued to look at the throw, she stood about five feet away looking at me. She just stood there, looking. It was a bit unnerving. I mean I wasn’t blocking her way or anything. Then it dawned on me…she was waiting for me to put the throw back on the rack so she could take it.

And I don’t know what competitive gene/persona kicked into gear, but now I HAD to buy this throw. It was MY find and she wasn’t getting it! (Even if it meant later I would exchange it.)

I put it in my basket and she finally wandered away.


Thankfully I don’t think I’ll be exchanging it. (It is quite nice and a very useful size and thickness. Could be used as a tablecloth, couch throw or coverlet for a twin-sized bed or, I suppose, even cut up and made into pillows!) But it was a weird store moment for me. Maybe I am more competitive than I think I am? Certainly at estate sales I feel a surge of adrenaline and have the realization that I am “competing” against the other buyers to find the “good stuff.” But nowadays I rarely go early to sign up and wait for hours for the sale to open. I tend to go later in the day when it’s less crowded.

How about you?? Any situations where your competitiveness kicks in??

And in the “Too Dang Expensive” Category

At the store I saw some rather nice brass equestrian boot bookends in a locked case, but they were marked $30.99! Sigh…pretty much the price they are selling for online.


More Jewelry Box Bling

A few days ago I had listed six items from my personal jewelry box and two sold right away which has encouraged me to list some more. 🙂



On Saturday I plan on going to a garage sale or two. One promises to have scads of industrial and vintage decor. I have a feeling this one will be mobbed!

As always, happy hunting. 🙂


  1. I would have done the same thing, but if I see someone looking at something like that, at item I may want , I walk far enough away so they can not see that I am watching them, while they decide on the item. If they put it down I rush and grab. Ha ha ha

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