“Oh Fudge” and “Oh Yes” Moments in a Reseller’s Life

fudgeFirst let me say I love what I do. I love buying and selling vintage things. It’s a lot of fun and I’m passionate about it, but there are moments…moments when I want to throw up my hands in exasperation or mutter “oh fudge,” like Ralphie in the “Christmas Story” movie.

Take last night for example. I received an email from a buyer. She had ordered a beautiful collection of 4 antique brooches from me three weeks ago and hasn’t received them! What?! I checked the tracking number and the postal service never scanned the package. So what happened to it?? While the package is insured, I’m guessing I have no case since I have no proof that I dropped it off at the post office. (Honestly fellas I brought it in!) I let the buyer know that if we don’t get positive resolution from the post office, I will fully refund her. All told, with the cost of the brooches, the shipping and fees, it will be a $55 loss. Not huge, but still painful and an “oh fudge” moment.

Lesson learned…for higher value packages, don’t leave them on the pre-paid package counter at the post office. Wait in line to get them scanned.

Now here’s an exasperation I am embarrassed to admit…

At the rummage sale I go to (usually on a monthly basis), I often see these two women. They are fit, well dressed and in their early 70s. And they are line jumpers. They arrive about 5-10 minutes before the sale opens when there are 6-12 people waiting in a loose queue. When the sale gets a minute away from opening, these women wander to the entryway to innocently “just look in” and see what’s on offer. Then the sale opens and they skillfully merge in with the people at the front of the line. They do this…every…single…time! And gosh it rankles me. I know I shouldn’t let it get to me but I do. It seems unfair to those of us who have been waiting longer.

Well, the other day I was near the front of the line, set to go in third, and one of these ladies tried to cut in front of me and I wouldn’t step aside and let her. It was obvious that we weren’t both going to fit in the entryway at the same time and she backed down and said, “Oh you go first” like she was doing me a favor. I was so cheesed that I didn’t look at her or respond.

Frankly I am embarrassed to admit my pettiness in this scenario. Really embarrassed. But there it is. Something to work on!

Now on a happier, more positive note, the other day I had an “oh yes!” moment when my “Goodwill dry season” ended and I found quite a few delightful things in the ceramic/china section.

First, I fell for four tiny hand-painted ceramic Siena, Italy, espresso cups with a quirky stag motif.


I also found another Jonathan Adler piece…this time a standing horse Christmas ornament. Not vintage, but I rather like his designs. This horse is “sold out” at retail stores like Macy’s and Neiman Marcus and is not available on the Adler website even though other ornaments are still being sold.  I’m also not finding any for sale secondhand. Hmmm…perhaps this is a scarce or hard-to-find piece!!


Now I had picked up this little ceramic vase or water coupe, admired it, and then set it back on the shelf. But on my second pass down the aisle I picked it back up and set it in my basket. It just appealed to me. Oddly, it seems to have a maker’s mark inside the vase!


My last and best find was a mid-century coffee pot and matching cups by Thomas Rosenthal, Germany. This had just been put out on the shelves and I nearly flipped when I saw them. I just love the cheerful ’60s vibe on this.


And in the mail I had received an item I had won earlier in an eBay auction. It’s a charming vintage sterling silver luggage tag in the shape of a suitcase. Look at the detail on this.


There was only one other bid and I easily won it. These typically sell for $20-$60. Wouldn’t this make a fun pendant?

So these are my recent reselling “oh fudge” and “oh yes” moments.

How about you? Any zany experiences at a yard sale? Buyers or sellers that drive you nuts? Finds that made you flip?


  1. If you get mail delivered to your home, go online and ask for parcel pickup by your carrier. They are required to scan parcels as they are picked up. You have to order parcel pick up at least the day before. If you don’t have home delivery, make sure you drop your packages off at the counter at your post office so they get scanned as picked up.


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