Pink Italian Spode…Yes, Please!

While I was out and about the other morning I decided to pop into Goodwill to try and exchange a Laura Ashley linen vest I had bought a week ago. The vest was in pristine condition with its little pockets still sown shut, but I neglected to notice that it was a size 4! Much too small for me and not a popular size to resell. Poop!

nachtmann-vaseAs I hadn’t been to the store in days I was hoping there would be some good, fresh merch…and there was! I was tempted by this heavy Nachtmann “Slice” crystal vase. It was in nice condition other than needing a scrubbing, but was $11.35 a good price? Alas, in-store research showed me that Amazon currently sells this for $39.99 with free shipping. Definitely not enough meat on the bone for me.

I was also intrigued by a funky ’60s/’70s ashtray that I knew someone would want (ashtrays sell for me), but it had been been broken and repaired…alas, alas.

Then I knew I had found my exchange item when I spotted this beauty. It’s a Spode cache pot in their Italian line.


Aren’t the little details charming?

With later at-home research I learned that my maker’s mark indicated the piece dates from 1970-2009. I also learned that the popular Italian pattern has been in production since 1816. Spode blue Italian pieces are still produced, but now by the parent company Portmeirion. Pink Italian pieces are no longer being made.

But the big question is, what can I sell it for?? On I found that similar fluted Spode Italian cache pots in blue or black typically have sold in the $40-80 range. But I am having trouble finding one in pink, either sold or for sale. Nothing on Etsy, eBay, Rubylane or Nothing anywhere.

So this seems to be a scarce piece. But does this make it more valuable? Or is it scarce because it is a less popular color? Hmmm.

Regardless, it is attractive. Besides housing a flower pot, it would make a nice wine or ice bucket. During winter it would look cute piled with pinecones. In the kitchen it could be used to corral wooden spoons, spatulas and whisks.

print and pot

I think it looks good with our “Vasilisa the Beautiful” (Ivan Bilibin) print so I’m going to let it hang out on our mantel till it sells. (After much to-ing and fro-ing, I listed it for $74.99.)

Happy hunting!!

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