Odd Stuff Sells…Really!

Sometimes my family is dubious about the things I buy for my store. More than once I’ve heard “Who’s gonna buy that?” followed by a little head shake. I’ll agree some of my finds are a bit offbeat and may have a very (very) small market, but think about it…if you find a unique or scarce item that has a certain je ne sais quoi that intrigues you, most likely someone else is going to appreciate it too! And to me it is much more fun buying and selling things that are a bit different.

Cases in Point

Here’s a tiny, artisan-made vase that had been sitting on the shelves of Goodwill for a few days. No one seemed interested in it, but I thought it was quirky and delightful. It reminded me of an alien, so that’s how I described it. It just sold and the new owner is very happy with it.


When I spotted this handmade blue bird sculpture/figurine/vase thingy (also at Goodwill) I KNEW I had to buy it. The detail on it was fabulous. It took a while to sell (over a year), but it did! 🙂


I bought a bunch of vintage medical stuff from a guy on Craigslist and after selling off the bigger pieces (doctor’s bags, etc.) I was left with miscellaneous bits and pieces. I put them together in a lot and it sold in less than 24 hours.


A scrapbook full of old 1940s/1950s used greeting cards (most lightly glued in place) was ignored by everyone else at the rummage sale, but I was happy to buy it for $10. It sold in six weeks for a nice profit.


And of course, the gold-capped human teeth have been my strangest find and sale. But I got a lot more $$ selling them like this than selling the bit of gold to my jeweler.


This huge 1960s/70s California Pottery ashtray was stunning and in pristine condition though a tad anatomical with its long spine-like cigarette holder ridges down the center. Couldn’t resist buying it and it, too, sold quickly. (Tobaccaina tends to do well for me.)


I have sold various gauges in the past, but here’s one still waiting for a new home (Liquid-weld Inlet Regulator valve with dual gauges for nitrogen). If it doesn’t sell soon, I’m going to put it on my wall. Won’t it be funny to see who fiddles with it?? 


I hope I’ve encouraged you to hunt for the offbeat and wonderful…whether for your own home or someone else’s.

Happy hunting!

P.S. What’s the strangest thing you have displayed in your home??

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