Summer, Slow Sales, Good Finds

For me summer is all about being outside. It’s probably the same for you. I love the warm breezes, the bounty of flowers, the free concerts, the smell of BBQs.

But summer also heralds a slowdown in sales. Not just for me, but for many stores. Even the big guys. People are busy doing stuff and not buying, which is good, but it does tend to be demotivating. The tedious job of listing items online feels 10x more tedious when sales are slow!

So I’ve decided maybe I need switch things up a little. Maybe use the time to learn more about other areas, like vintage toys. Or maybe learn more about photography so I can take good photos of the beautiful crystal decanters and glasses I bought this spring. (Still not listed!) Or maybe experiment with refurbishing things. Or maybe just focus on buying good stuff in anticipation of Q4! Things to think about during this slow season.

Anyway, I did find a few small things this past week.

This Roger Bros./International silver plate gravy ladle caught my eye at Goodwill. It’s Art Nouveau era with lovely daffodil styling in the Mystic pattern.


And I couldn’t resist this 1940s-1950s wood bowl with hand-painted cherries. So perfect for a retro kitchen.


And today was the fourth of July sale at my neighborhood Goodwill. An 8:00 a.m. opening with 35% off. You know I was there early waiting outside with the crowd. Funny thing, everyone was queuing up in front of one doorway, but I choose the other knowing that the staff typically unlocked that door first. And they did today! 🙂

Inside I grabbed a little cart and started looking around with great excitement. I looked and looked and looked. Drat. I wasn’t finding anything on sale day! Nuts.

I kept looking finally heading over to the purse racks where I spotted this bag. I opened it and saw this tag. Bingo! This was more like it! A vintage Prado bag from Mexico City in baby alligator. 



This is a such an amazing, chic purse. (Thank you picking gods.)

Then I did a second pass down the crystal/glassware aisle and spotted this tall lead crystal vase on a top shelf. Hmmm. It was acid-marked Ceska, a brand I wasn’t familiar with. My phone was at home recharging so I couldn’t research this in the store, but it was heavy and in nice condition. Worth a gamble.


Turns out it’s a Czech vase in the Ceska Canterbury pattern. At 12″ tall it’s quite a stunner. (Currently is selling a 7″ version for $49.99.)

So just the two finds on sale day, but two good, quality finds. So I’m happy.

Thinking it’s time to go sit out on the stoop, enjoy the breeze and do a bit of journaling. Later tonight, a movie and perhaps a card game or two!

Happy hunting and blessed fourth of July celebrations to friends in the U.S.


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