Thrift Store Tip: Go Often!

For some of you, I know I’m preaching to the choir, but I feel it needs to be said…if you want to find the “good stuff” in a thrift store you have to go A LOT…whether you’re looking for things for yourself or to resell.

For me “a lot” equates to three to four visits a week to my neighborhood Goodwill. I tend to follow the same route around the store based on where I typically find my best stuff and where my interests lie. Some days I find a few things. Some days not…one… thing.

But I’ve learned that if I go more often I will hit pay dirt…eventually. My last two trips bear this out. In fact everything I found below had just been put out on the shelves the night before.

I found a sweet little artisan-made ceramic bowl for myself. I am particularly fond of this slate green/blue color. For $2.99…yes please!


And to sell I found two orange Czech or Hungarian crystal sherry/cordial glasses in the grape (Traube) pattern. They are sticky and will need a good soaking, but there are no chips or problems.


I also found this set of three small Capisserie de Bayeux (Limoges, France) china apothecary jars. Fabulous! I’m going to carefully soak these to remove all this tape so it doesn’t damage the images.


But my best find was a beautiful leather messenger/laptop bag…a beautiful Jack Spade leather messenger bag. (My husband rather liked this bag…actually, I like this bag!) Other than a few light corner scuffs it’s in super condition.


The Jack Spade company was founded by Kate Spade’s husband Andy, but the brand has since been sold to Liz Claiborne. Reporter Jon Caramanica writes about the brand in this article:

Jack Spade is a brand for would-be would-be’s, which you wear to let others know that while you don’t come from privilege, and you don’t wish to appear as if you do, you wish to let people know that you could play the role if you wanted, which you do not.

Isn’t that hilarious?

Brand new, a similar $498 bag is on sale at the Jack Spade website for $249. (Hmmm…how much would you pay for a slightly used Jack Spade bag?)


So I’m not filling up a cart on any visit, and I sometimes walk out empty handed, but I do find good, quality items if I go often. And you will too. Promise!!

Any thrift store finds to share??


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