Strike a Pose

I love using models to showcase my products. My photography skills are, at best, mediocre, but my models make the vintage clothes look fabulous.

My oldest daughter has been a willing model for me over the years. Besides being a beauty, she’s always been comfortable in front of the camera and instinctively knew how to pose. But her full-time work schedule, part-time house/pet sitting business and her social life have left her little time to pose for me. Drat.


Finally, I decided I needed to explore other options. I approached some friends who have two lovely twenty-something (tall) daughters and was thrilled when it worked out that one could do some modeling for me.

Bethany *, a college student, was a natural and so charming and photogenic. In one hour, she modeled many jackets, shirts, purses and jewelry. So happy with the outcome. (Thank you Bethany!)

Looking forward to getting lots more stuff listed this fall. 🙂

Would love to hear if you have used a model. I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure what payment to offer. I settled on $25 an hour. Worth every penny!!

* Not her real name


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