Hunting on Vacation

What can be better than looking for vintage treasures when traveling…poking around places that you’ve never been to and may never get to again? I just love it. So the while in Nebraska recently visiting in-laws and taking in the eclipse, I knew I had to visit the nearest Goodwill thrift store (12 miles away) to see how it compared to my neighborhood Goodwill in California. Discovered it was mankier and more ramshackle, but I certainly don’t mind ferreting around in places like this. I was convinced I could find a treasure or two.

And I did…sort of! I found a small, camel-colored, authentic, vintage Coach purse, but it was stained with red marker on the front. Darn…could that be removed? Well, if the price was right it might be worth the gamble…but it was $39.99!!! Was I reading that price right? Phew!

In the end the only thing I bought there was a bisque piano baby. I’m hoping it’s a Gebruder Heubach from Germany circa late 1800s/early 1900s, but the large hole at the bottom and lack of a Heubach impression may indicate that it is a newer (1950s/60s) copy.


A few days later I checked out a couple of nearby antique stores. Found some “bread and butter” items that would fit in my carry-on bag. (Alas I had to pass up some amazing rusty cast iron bits that looked too lethal and would have been snagged by airport security.)

What I Did Buy

This Feltman Bros. baby dress with hand embroidered details was a “must buy.” I later discovered they sell “vintage style” clothes, so this might not be as old as I thought. Brand new, this dress sells for $70.


And what about this charming 1940s/50s swiss cheese and mouse salt and pepper shaker set from Ceramics Art Studio in Madison, Wisconsin? I couldn’t do any in-store research (no phone connection) and ended up paying too much, but I’ll still make a smidge of a profit.


I also bought this old wood rolling pin. It’s a smaller size so I’m wondering if it’s for a child or perhaps a specialty pin. I bought it for $3 and it’s not worth much on it’s own but I’m going to pair it with a vintage apron, some cookie cutters and a recipe card to make a nice gift set.


At a consignment shop I was intrigued by this vintage drip-glaze vase. It has a wonderful mid-century feel to me and I’ll be displaying it in my house till it sells.


I also bought this long, multi-strand seed bead necklace. As I was looking at it, clearly undecided if I should buy it, the shop owner cut the price in half. Now you’re talking! It’s not old, but quite attractive in a boho “cheap and cheerful” way. (I’ll be listing this for $24.)


My quirkiest purchase of the trip was a 1950s book on surgical nursing complete with drawings and a few gruesome photos. (I’ll spare you the gruesome ones!)


Anyway it was a delightful mini-vacation. Seeing a total eclipse of the sun was exciting. Spending time with my husband’s relatives was special. And hunting for vintage stuff further afield was darn fun.

How about you…any good finds while traveling??

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