One Score in a “Lost” Weekend

It was not a good weekend for me. Besides being beastly hot (over 100 degrees F) with no air conditioning, I had a flair up of painful condition that incapacitated me all weekend. 😦 I was doctoring it with hot compresses(!), ibuprofen and essential oils as I had done in the past but this time wasn’t getting much relief. Finally on Monday (Labor Day Holiday) I went to an urgent care health facility. They weren’t much help but I did wrangle a stronger pain prescription. The doc prescribed one in the super-duper-knock-pain-on-its-butt-but-slightly-dangerous category. I was happy thinking I would finally get some serious pain relief. Alas instead of sending the prescription to the pharmacy I told them was open that day, they sent it to a closed pharmacy.  Sigh! It was another long day and night, though thankfully I am in less pain today and can actually think and function! So I am grateful. Certainly makes me sympathetic for those in chronic pain situations. Not sure how they stay sane!

So unlike many of you I wasn’t out and about at thrift stores and yard sales finding goodies this past weekend. 😦 The only sourcing I did was on eBay. I won an auction for a Navajo pendant made of sterling silver and Royston turquoise. Isn’t this handsome?


Royston turquoise is mined in Nevada and produces some stones in greenish hues flecked with brown which I find very pleasing. In fact, last year, I bought this turquoise cross for myself from a friend and wear it all the time.


The large 2″ pendant I just bought is signed, but the seller didn’t say by whom and the photo of the back was unclear. In fact none of their photos were very good (as you can see above)…which is a bit worrying. Hopefully it will be as good as I think it is! I paid $55 with shipping and similar pieces have sold in the $100-150 range. Won’t know the exact price point until I get the piece in hand and can carefully look it over and hopefully decipher the signature. (My go-to source for that is:

Overall I’m pleased with this “win” and looking forward to getting back to my normal life!!

As always, happy hunting.



  1. Thanks Edwina…it was more a try at distracting myself! I was like so much flotsam and jetsam all weekend…mostly binge watching British murder mysteries on the couch till I got to take my next meds. BUT I am feeling much better 🙂 – Karen


  2. Don’t like to hear that you were hurting. I don’t handle pain too well myself. Glad to know you finally got some help. Sending good thoughts your way so you can go out scouting for us again!

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