A Bit of Vintage Fall Decor

After suffering through the blistering heat recently, I am soooo ready for fall, my favorite season. I love sweater weather and walking through crunchy leaves and lighting candles as the nights get longer. 

In general I don’t decorate for the seasons, but I realize I do switch out a few things around the house without even thinking about it. My antique blue and beige woven bedspread (inherited from some great aunts) gets used over the summer as a sofa throw but gets tucked back into the armoire at this time of year.


This old Middle-Eastern tapestry which started life as a pillowcase (30″ by 19″) gets set out as hearth rug in the fall. (Some day I’ll hang in on the wall.)


fall-decor7I bought it from an eBay seller in Pakistan years ago. It was mailed in a piece of cloth with my address crudely handwritten in marker on the front, tied with string and posted with vast collection of stamps glued to it. I was so surprised at the packaging and that it actually made it to me that I took a photo of it. Alas, alas, I can’t find the photo. But the tapestry is a lovely (the birds remind me of the logo for the ’70s U.S. TV show “The Partridge Family”) and I’m happy I bought it.

And soon my collection of old brass beehive candlesticks will be put to use again. This photo represents about half my collection. I went a little crazy buying them for a while, though now I’ve been selling a few in my store, but it’s hard for me to let any go! I burn pure lovely beeswax candles in them which help purify the air. I love that they have been used for decades, some for over a century.


This chunky, hunky, handmade ceramic compote, which has a slightly medieval look to me, is of my newer Goodwill finds. Price? $4.00. Couldn’t resist. I mean honestly, $4.00. The price of a coffee. I plan on using it for years to come. 🙂


Right now I piled it with oranges, but I’m thinking I might fill it next with walnuts or maybe small apples. At Christmas time it will look great with pinecones and red berries or ornaments.

And of course I start bringing out my 1920/30s Dutch paisley wool shawls to use as chair throws (and to wear of course!). They are perfect to ward off the chill.


So I guess in my own way I do mark my favorite season with my favorite vintage things. It’s all about making the house warm and cozy–a sanctuary in the long, dark, wet season.

How do you decorate for the season?


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