The Holidays are A-Comin’

Antique and vintage brass “beehive” candlesticks…just part of my collection!

I’m in denial how quickly 2017 is zipping by. There are things I should have gotten done already, like most of my spring cleaning! But whether I like it or not, the holidays are a-comin’.

I have ordered my front door pine wreath from a neighborhood Boy Scout (it will arrive a few days after Thanksgiving) and have pulled out my beeswax tapers to light at night. These days I only burn 100% pure beeswax candles. They emit no toxins when burning, and in fact, help purify indoor air. Plus they burn a long time.

On the gift side of things I’ve only bought one thing, so I need to get busy. I like to get done early so I can enjoy all the festivities in December without fretting.

Here’s my hint for you gift givers…take time to explore You’ll find everything…from amazing hand made goodies to unique vintage items.

Etsy Gift Ideas

Lion & Lamb Vintage Gift Ideas

Looking for something a littler older, here are a few things from my store…

Well, I hope these few links have whet your appetite for unique gift giving. Though I’ll be honest, the best gift is usually not a physical thing but giving someone your time, energy and love. 🙂

Happy hunting,


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