“Fly Me to the Moon…”

Honestly I am hardly doing any sourcing these days. I am being a good girl and working at listing my backlog. I just pop into my neighborhood thrift store on my way home from errands (no estate sales, no yard sales or trips to thrifts further afield). And when I go into the store it’s with the caveat that I can only buy what is amazing and/or has a chance for a respectable profit ($25 and above).

This stoneware Apollo space ship whisky decanter fits both categories! (Here it is still taped up with its price tag.) It was made for Thomas Sims Distillery in Stanley, Kentucky, by McCoy Pottery in 1969! I was a kid in the heady days of the early space program in the U.S. Exciting stuff.


This decanter had been put out on the shelves the night before and I was happy that no one else had nabbed it yet. This is just the kind of kitschy decanter that would look great in a man cave or on a retro bar cart or as a fun gift for someone who is keen on space travel. It is missing is liquor tax stamp/strip, but is otherwise in good condition.

I also bought this carnelian bangle bracelet. It’s in perfect condition and quite lovely and wearable. (I have a weakness for things made with real stone, mineral and crystal.)

Did you know that bangles date back to 2600 BC??

Similar bracelets are priced in the $25-$65 range. I’ll be pricing this at $40.

Sales Update

I was reading some posts in a Reddit group that I follow and in one a guy was sharing how he woke up that morning with 50 sales (he sells video games and movies)!! I can’t imagine having 50 sales in one day. Can you?? (My max has been 7.)

Anyway, I woke up this morning with one sale (not 50) but it was a good one. I sold this little Indian basket.


Earlier this year I had received several emails from a guy about this basket. I had it priced at $75 and he offered $50. I countered at $65 and he said no because of the damage. A month later he offered $45 because of the damage and I said no. Here’s the thing, the $75 price reflected the damage (which I fully disclosed), otherwise it would have been over $100. So I was willing to hang on this. My patience paid off and today it sold for $75.

I bought it for a few bucks at a rummage sale because I thought it had potential. When I started researching it I discovered it was a vintage piece made by a North-West tribe (likely Makah or Nootka) for the tourist trade. Mine could have sold in the hundreds if it was in perfect condition and had more “stitches” per inch.

Also my bag of Italian nativity pieces (sans Jesus) bought for $5 is turning out okay. I sold the three wisemen for $20 and the shepherd for $8 and have Mary and Joseph for sale at $20. I love Mary’s winsome face.


I also just sold this brass, made-in-Israel, Hanukkah menorah. It’s heading back East as a gift for Jonathan.


So I’ll keep plugging away at my backlog and hope for brisk sales this December.

Happy hunting,


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