Delftware and Art Nouveau Sterling

A quick trip to my neighborhood Goodwill early Sunday morning before church yielded a bit of blue Delftware still on a cart that had just been wheeled out from the back room. It’s always exciting to have first whack at stuff on the carts. Some times stuff is often piled so haphazardly that it’s amazing things don’t get damaged.

I don’t know much about Delftware other than it’s been around since the early 1600s, it’s hand-painted (requiring years of apprenticeship) and generally desirable. And of course, the blue and white color scheme is a popular one that has endured for centuries. If I were to buy plates today I would certainly consider some in the Blue Willow pattern.

I doubted the Delft vase I spotted was old as the bottom was too clean and unblemished and the artwork seemed more contemporary. The maker’s marks were a mystery, but I was sure this was the real deal.


And it was! Turns out it was made and hand painted by the famed Royal Delft (Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles) in the Netherlands. They are “the only remaining factory of ± 32 earthenware factories that were established in Delft in the 17th century” according to the their website. Their marks include the artist’s initials and a date mark. The EG on the bottom of mine indicates this was made in the year 2012. So not old as I suspected but still a nice find.


Currently the Royal Delft website sells this peacock vase for 279 euros or 328 U.S dollars! That’s a chunk of change, but I’ve checked Worthpoint for sold data and found that similar pre-owned, non-vintage Royal Delft vases have sold for considerably less. And quite a few are currently listed in the $50-$80 range on eBay, though some of these are smaller. Poop! Was hoping these resold for more, but nevertheless it was still a good buy. I’ll be listing mine on eBay and here for $80. (Let me know if you’re interested.)

From time to time I also source from other online sellers and just bought this Art Nouveau-era sterling silver bracelet made by La Pierre Mfg. Co. Founded in 1885, the company was known for their sterling silver smalls: dresser sets, jewelry and novelties. In 1929 they were purchased by the International Silver Company.


The listing for this particular bracelet was sparse. Only two photos, a few details and no weight given…which always surprises me when folks are selling precious or semi-precious items. But I decided to take a chance on this auction because the sold comps for La Pierre silver bracelets showed bangles selling for $125 and up. This particular bangle is simpler than some but has a wonderful calla lily motif. Turns out it weighs 19.3 grams (a nice sturdy weight) but does have a couple of undisclosed dings. Nothing major, particularly given its age, but still annoying it wasn’t mentioned or shown!

A few months ago I also bought a sterling silver Art Nouveau hat pin at a reasonable price. This lovely little lass/fairy seems to be wearing a leaf or flower hat. I’m tempted to have a jeweler convert this into a pendant!


Well, I’ll close for now. As the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving draws near I have so much to be thankful for. And on that LONG list I can add my faithful readers and customers! You have blessed me more than you know.

Hope your day of feasting and thankfulness is a joyous one.

Happy hunting,


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