A Purse Fit for a Queen and Other Finds

queen-purseQueen Elizabeth II is known for carrying handbags, especially her black Launers. Besides using them to hold a few basics–a pair of glasses, mints, lipstick, a pen–the Queen uses them to send messages to her staff. Switching the purse from one arm to the other means she’s done talking to you! Setting it on the floor during an event indicates that she wants to be “rescued” by one of her ladies in waiting.

My daily purse tends to be a shoulder/messenger bag that I wear cross body. It keeps my hands free when I’m out thrifting and discourages purse snatchers. (I’m guessing the Queen doesn’t have to worry that!) My intended purse message is “don’t mess with me.” 🙂

But every once in a while a gal needs to mix things up and I do own a few handbags and clutches for special occasions. In fact I rather like classic handbags and that’s why I got excited when I found this BCBG MaxAzria purse at my neighborhood Goodwill. It’s well-made of Italian leather and has the merest hint of edginess with its demur stud trim. Bonus: it’s clean with no noticeable wear.


Now, is it just me or could you picture the Queen carrying this?? Well, maybe not. The studs are too novelty and it’s not in the same class as a $2000+ Launer purse. But still, it’s darn nice and will last for years.

Continuing in the vintage-look category I found this Per Se linen jacket with big topstitching and chunky buttons. I wasn’t looking for another little jacket for myself, but it was a great fit and so cute. The cream and black buttons alone were worth the $6.59 price!


And oddly enough, I think the purse and the jacket would look good together. Hmmm. What do you think? The purse is showing up lighter here, but is actually deep black.


In the decorative category I found a cute handblown glass paperweight chickadee. Based on the colors I think it could be from the 1960s/1970s. The styling of the beak, tail and body are minimal which I find very appealing. Haven’t been able to figure out who made this.


And this vintage Persian Khatam inlaid, hand-painted trinket box is lined in velvet. Ideal for favorite jewelry pieces or adding an exotic touch to a coffee table.


In the jewelry category I bought this unique necklace made of vintage Monaco gaming chips/tokens. I found this at a small boutique thrift store that was having its annual 50% off sale. I didn’t know they were having a sale the day I went and it was mobbed. Their prices are on the high side, so even at 50% off they weren’t giving stuff away. I decided against buying the English pewter beer steins. Originally two for $30, now at two for $15. Still too pricy for a reseller.


So I’m ending the year finding a few nice things and, thankfully, selling a few nice things!

I’m realizing after almost six years of doing this I need to step back and figure out what’s working well and what isn’t. I need to jettison the few duds, clear up my excess unlisted inventory, organize everything more logically and work on my photography and promotional efforts.

But before any of that happens, I need to step away from store stuff, relax, and celebrate the peace, joy and beauty of Christmas with my family. I hope your holidays are lovely too.

Happy hunting,



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