Endings and Beginnings

First a happy new year to one and all! For me last year was one of simple joys and pleasures. Visits back East to visit family and friends top the list as do moments spent journaling in my garden, coffee with friends and hunting for vintage things!

Sorry Dora…your 1972 creation is back to the thrift store!

At the end of December, as I thought about the upcoming new year and considered goals for my vintage business, I realized I felt weighed down by some dud items I’d bought when I was, shall we say, less discerning. Some of these items were listed in my store (and have been for years), some not, but none were worth much and I decided it was time to jettison them! In fact the end of year seemed the perfect time to go through my inventory.

So I spent a few days going through bins and totes and gathered up fugly ’70s/’80s ceramics, lackluster linens, newer wood cribbage boards, old playing cards not worth a tuppence, coffee table books and odd bits and pieces that had come in lots. I even got rid of the “renaissance faire” pottery jug made by Dora in ’72 that I had always believed someone would want (and didn’t!).

On December 30th I took my bags of duds to my neighborhood Goodwill where some of them had been bought to begin with. I can attest that it felt great to be free of them. No more wasting energy and space on these. I have more items that will get added for round two later this month.

Then on December 31st I popped into Goodwill to do a little year-end shopping and there, on a new merch cart, was a set of four owl mugs from Mexico. I didn’t recognize the signature, but dang these were fun. I didn’t hesitate putting them in my basket. Later I researched the signature and found out they were made by noted Mexican potter Gorky González. His work is quite collectible. Was super happy with this purchase.


I also found an attractive eight-inch onyx obelisk. These pieces are common, but also desirable. They work well in many decors, from traditional to Art Deco to bohemian.


It felt good to end 2017 finding a few nice things for my store. A bit of positive affirmation. And 2018 is shaping up nicely too. I sold three things on Day 1 including this charming Russian lacquer box that I had just bought.


And on Day 2 I met up “Craigslist Gary.” (Gary, as it turns out, was an older gent with four dogs, a passion for gardening, and a wife, his third.) I don’t source much from Craigslist, but from time to time I peruse the listings just to see what’s on offer. And Gary’s winsome dog painting for $25 was too charming to pass up. And bonus, it looks like our childhood dog, Lance.


The artist, B. Wonder, is still a mystery. He/she may just be a Sunday afternoon painter, though Gary joked “Who knows…it may be worth $10,000!” Well, I’m not holding my breath. 🙂

Looking forward to Day 3!

Happy hunting in 2018,


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  1. I need to purge some old inventory also. What started out as a fun hobby has become a little overwhelming due to too much inventory and not enough storage space. Thanks for the inspiration!

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