Back in the Saddle

I’m back in the saddle again after my trip and it’s been good. As much as I love sourcing on the road, I always appreciate my favorite local haunts, which includes my neighborhood Goodwill where happily I’ve been finding a few good things. And right now finding “a few” is perfect as I am still whittling away at my accumulated backlog of goodies.

I’ve been looking for another good cutting board to refurbish, but haven’t found one that wasn’t inexpensive bamboo. But today, I found one that looked promising but not at $6.15 for a small (approx. 10″ by 12″), “no-name” board that needed lots of work on both sides. 😦 I mean honestly! The search continues.


I did buy this traditional cast metal Hanukkah menorah. It’s been well used and loved (judging by all the wax drippings) which I think gives it a bit of soul. I’ll admit, I have a fondness for Judaica and this will be my third menorah.


And I found this glitzy “Hand Made in Hong Kong” beaded evening purse. It’s done in black and gold with hints of silver. It’s not super old–likely late ’80s/early ’90s–and is in lovely, clean condition.


I also got a little something for myself. Found this heather gray QOR henley sweater in the softest material. Checked the label and it was 100% cashmere! Brand new this runs around $200. This one was $10.55. Other than some light overall pilling (which I’ll eventually trim off), it’s in great condition. So soft and warm…and sized to fit me like a  “boyfriend” sweater. Perfect for a chilly day, or night!


But my best find was on a new merch cart. It didn’t look like much–a tiny, blue, stoneware pot with a lid–but I did find it appealing and picked it up.


I got excited when I flipped it over and saw that it was made in Denmark. I knew this was a must buy. At home, I researched the marks on the bottom and learned that this piece was produced by Bing and Grondahl in Copenhagen and signed by designer Valdemar Pedersen (Petersen) (VP). The date mark indicates it was made before 1970. Not sure what the different numbers mean.


This is not a common piece, but I did find a similar one that sold in 2007 for $100. Pieces signed by Valdemar tend to do very well. I’ll likely price mine between $125-150. 🙂

Anyway, I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things after my recent trip. As much as I love visiting new places, it’s always good to be home.

Would love to hear about your latest thrifting find that was just for you!

As always, happy hunting,



  1. Ah, lovely find that Danish piece! I quite like the menorah and the purse as well.
    I have recently acquired quite a few Danish pieces (metalware and a cafetiere), but haven’t got around to photograph them yet.
    My latest finds were mostly a keep for myself – a silver bracelet with quartz (?) stones, a small silver (?) ring, a small oval silver plated trinket with the most beautiful mosaic hinged lid. And an antique print of a listed English artist depicting the Harvest Moon – I’m a sucker for sheep and moon and this had both.
    I’d be curious to know how you refurbish a chopping board, if I’m not being too nosey.
    Thanks for sharing your finds! I find your posts always interesting 🙂

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