Well, It Was Out of My Wheelhouse…

Some of you may remember I found what appeared to be a Meissen china jug, circa 1774-1814, at Goodwill a few weeks back.


In the end, I spent about four hours researching this piece and learned that the date mark on mine was a commonly forged one. Hmmm. And unfortunately I never found this pattern amongst Meissen images and websites. In all good conscience I couldn’t say with certainty that it was a genuine 200-year-old+ piece of Meissen.

I did know that it was nicely made and beautifully hand painted (the detail on the people is particularly impressive) and that it had age.


So today I listed it in my Etsy store as “Meissen (or Meissen copy)”and it sold within 20 minutes(!!) with the note to “Please pack it carefully.” Okay, I’m guessing someone with expert knowledge spotted it, knew it was the real deal and pounced on it. Now I’m kicking myself for likely leaving a lot of money on the table on this piece. Rats! Rats! Rats!

But to be honest, this kind of thing is well out of my wheelhouse. And I am happy that I spotted it on the Goodwill cart and recognized it as something special. And I still made a nice profit. (Bought for $3.45, sold for $100.) All considered I should be happy! It just reminds me how little I know in the vast world of antiques (and vintage stuff) and how much there is to learn!

And speaking about stuff out of my wheelhouse I just bid on and won an obsolete medical device called a Medcolator. Apparently it was used to give electrical shocks to stimulate muscles. I just thought it looked cool. I could see this displayed in a medical office or better yet a psychiatrist’s office! Or used in some steampunk gizmo.


Similar ones have sold for $60-$85, so we’ll see if this purchase turns out to be a boondoggle or not!

How about you…do you buy stuff outside of your area of expertise??

As always, happy hunting,



  1. Shame for the Meissen jug, but it’s hard to know what to do in such situations.
    I recently got some antique small bowls because they looked a bit special. After some research they appear to be Minton “Amherst Japan”. I was almost tempted to keep, but in the end I listed them as I can’t keep all 😉
    I also have some old Moustier dishes, probably antique but a later copy, so not worth as much as I hoped.
    I wonder if that Medcolator could have other practical uses?

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    1. I’m trying not to let the Meissen jug get me down. (I definitely still have on my training wheels with stuff like that.)

      The Minton bowls sound like quite a find!

      Alas the Medcolator I bought is missing its cables so it’s likely only decorative now.

      All the best,

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  2. No matter how long we’ve been in this business, and how much we learn everyday, we will never know everything, even on things we specialize in. Your practiced eye spotted a beauty. You did fabulous!


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