Bought Me Some Rocks

Well, to be more precise, I bought a pair of agate geode bookends in shades of brown and cream. These guys are hefty with a total weight of over eight pounds. They have two polished sides but this side is particularly eye catching with its intriguing striated layers. Don’t you think?


Dyed agate geode bookends.

My husband wondered if anyone still bought things like this. And they do! Recent sold prices typically range from $20s (for smaller ones) to low $100s (for larger or more spectacular examples). I’ll be listing mine for $65. But alas some folks seem to be drawn to the dyed agate geodes in shades of teal or pink. Mine look sedate next to these, but honestly, I think the dyed ones look a tad garish and unnatural. I’ve noticed that some sellers do not indicate that their geodes are dyed, even going so far as hyping the “gorgeous colors,” and buyers may be duped into believing they are buying natural stones. 😦 If you are tempted by dyed stones, beware that sometimes the dye rubs off and creates stains.

Well, I am happy with my natural bookends. I found these at my neighborhood thrift store on a cart of new merch and was thrilled to put them in my basket.

I think they would look great in a minimalist or neutral-color home. Or in a a more masculine office setting, like this one.  (See the small agate bookends on the left side?)

Photo source unknown.

I’ve long been a fan of mineral specimens and things made of stone. Right now we have several amethyst chunks displayed in our house, along with the spinach jade bowl I just added to my store, and a few small chunks of petrified wood.



And I am delighted that others value the beauty of natural stone and of things made with natural stone. I just mailed off a pair of small onyx brandy snifters to a buyer who is excitedly awaiting their arrival. (I know this because we’ve exchanged a few delightful emails.)


So, I always keep an eye out for rocks and minerals at thrift stores, yard sales and estate sales. How about you?? 

As always, happy hunting,



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