Coming Home to Reality

While it means no more relaxing on a terrace with the ocean just steps away, it was good to come home after our mini-vacay in Southern California. But you know how it is when you get home from a vacation–there’s mail to deal with, clothes to wash, groceries to buy. A million little things to attend to, including my store.

Nine orders had come in while I was gone and I needed to get them packaged and shipped ASAP. Since I sell a wide variety of items, packing is not a cookie-cutter process. There were breakable ceramics, shoes, antique silver spoons, a vintage toy, a religious icon…all with different packaging requirements. It took me 2.5 hours to get these ready for the post office. Phew!!


But I was glad to come home to this “problem.” 🙂 One tricky packaging order was these eight ceramic Japanese “lucky white rabbit” plates. (Aren’t they cute?) I bought these last year for $5 at a yard sale and sold them for $60. I wrapped each plate in tissue paper, then copious bubble wrap to ensure they all make it safely back East.


Another item that sold was this 1926 Gorham silverplate bowl. This has been in my store for two or three years (!), but I knew it would eventually sell because it’s an attractive, quality piece. (I bought it for $12 in my neighborhood thrift store and sold it for $40.)


I tend not to deal much with silverplate items unless they old and fabulous. I see a lot of newer silverplate in thrift stores, yard sales and estate sales and they usually lack both quality and any resale value.

Another bit of “after vacation” reality…I need to get cracking on getting more things in my store. The obvious, smack-in-the-head truth is, things can’t sell if you don’t have them listed! (I shudder to think about all the money I have invested in unlisted inventory.) So I’m going to step up my listing this quarter.

Two good choices to put in my store right now…this vintage Dunderry Woolens blanket and a 1924 lightweight quilt (made by Auntie Dele). Both perfect, cozy options for a spring night.

And I have six Tyrone Irish crystal wine goblets (in the Antrim pattern), bought over a year ago, that are still sitting on top on my china hutch waiting to be listed. I will sell these in pairs. I think they would make perfect wedding or anniversary gifts.


And of course, even though I don’t need to buy any more inventory right now  (obviously!), the reality is I couldn’t resist a sale at my new fabric source. Still not sure how this venture will go, but I am loving all these fabulous fabrics. (I really need to dig out my sewing machine.)

My youngest daughter came with me and ended up being my assistant (aka pack mule).  We were in the first group let into the room and within 15 minutes I had found eight remnants that captured my attention. With my daughter’s arms loaded down, I figured that was enough. Time to leave and let another buyer in.

This was my most expensive remnant–over four yards of linen fabric with taupe and red machine embroidery. It is striking.


My second most expensive fabric was this yard-plus of silk brocade remnant.


My favorite piece is this modern barkcloth print. It’s only 24″ wide but there’s four yards of it. I wouldn’t mind have some of this made into pillows for our house.


I picked up this sports print fabric, laughed because it’s SO not my thing, put it down and then picked it back up again. Somehow I think someone might like this for a little boys room.


I’m fond of paisley and couldn’t resist this bit of Colonial Williamsburg “Plumtree Paisley Persimmon.”


While it was good be on vacation, it’s great to be home…with all its “realities.” 🙂

As always, happy hunting,


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