Mystery Linen Box–Part 1–Scarves

Some of you may remember that I bought a huge lot of linens online based on some very vague photos. Even the title was vague: “Various Assorted Linens and Handkerchief.” But I saw bits of things in the photos that looked intriguing and that’s why I took a chance. No one bid against me and I remember thinking perhaps I’d made a mistake.

Well, the box finally arrived today and I tell you I was one nervous kitten opening it. But I only paid $30 for it (including shipping) and thought surely I will at least make my money back. Right??


The first item, which was spilling out of the bag, was a pink floral ’50s chiffon scarf. I pulled it out and noticed a huge hole. Drat!


Was everything else damaged in some way? Well the scarves were all on top so I started pulling them out and examining them. Thankfully there were a few that looked good. In fact some that looked very good! I did a little happy dance. (My youngest daughter can attest to this.)

I think the best scarf is this HUGE Nicole Miller 1993 silk scarf designed for 7-Up. It is so fun.


Haven’t found one for sale so far, but similar ones are listed for $75-$150.

My next favorite is this silk Pendleton scarf celebrating one of their classic 49’er jacket. I love this scarf and actually own a Pendleton 49’er jacket!


So far I haven’t found any comps on this or similar ones for sale!?

Then there’s the Christian Dior scarf. Other than a small, light water stain, it is in nice condition. Yeah!


Christian Dior scarf prices are all over the place so I’m not sure how I’ll price this one.

Also in the lot was this wacky vintage Vera scarf. Other than one light mark, it’s in good condition.


The bundle also had this Guy Laroche, Paris, scarf in a very ’80s/’90s animal pattern.


There were more scarves, but not of much value. I may donate those.

The bundle also included a quantity of vintage hankies. Probably about 50 or so, mostly linen/cotton with sweet embroidery, lace and fagoting. The majority are in pristine condition. I realized these deserved a post of their own, so I’ll share more about these later.


But this is to say nothing of the embroidered napkins, tablecloths, crocheted doilies and pillowcases. Really a huge wodge of linens. I will likely donate about 25% of the items, but even so I’m estimating that when all is said and done, my revenue for this lot could be between $300-$500.

So while it will be a lot of work researching, ironing and listing things, it turned out to be a good gamble. I’m happy!

How about you…any gambles work out?

Happy hunting,



  1. And I know you will package the purchases much better than you received them in!! I enjoy reading your posts and the prices you list for. I am in the process of cleaning out my parents things and all your posts are helpful.

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  2. Nice to see what was in that assortment at last! I love the hankies, they really look wonderful. I should’ve guessed that was a Vera scarf – her designs are so bright and distinctive, they always pop out from their surroundings, even if the only part showing is just one little corner!

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