Taking Mental Health Days

March was the best sales month ever in my online store, both in number of sales, revenue and likely profit (though I haven’t calculated that yet). It was exciting. Then as March rolled into April, sales plummeted, the crickets moved in and I was left scratching my head.

Two weeks into April and my sales are still lackluster despite my efforts (adding new items, running sales and doing social media things). And to top it off I was working with someone who was interested in purchasing a large lot of ephemera from me for a tidy profit and he changed his mind. Poop!

Though I’m used to the “feast or famine” nature of this business I am still susceptible to feeling discouraged and realized what I needed was a jolly good, blessed day off letting my mind travel to other places. My first plan was to curl up on the couch and binge watch “Call the Midwife,” but I had a feeling that vegging out in front of the TV all day was not really what I want to do. So I came up with Plan B.

Plan B for My Mental Health Day

  • Sit outside. Enjoy the quiet sunny spring day and the blooming blue columbines, red salvias and white Shasta daisies. Soak it all in. [In all I spent three wonderful hours outside.]
  • Dip into one of the poetry books I got recently at a memorial service. Sr. Kay was herself a gifted poet and I will treasure this Sheila Moon book, “Scarlet Incantations” from Kay’s personal collection that comes complete with a little coffee stain on the cover. [Already found a favorite!]


  • Do one spring-cleaning chore just to get something done on my to-do list, but do not feel guilty for not doing more. [Kitchen grout scrubbed white again and bonus, I got the front stoop hosed down from all the leaves, pollen and catkins blown there.]
  • Take a long nap. [Wore my old thrift-store cashmere sweater which is a perfect nap sweater!]
  • Watch one episode of “Call the Midwife!” [Okay I watched two. 🙂 ]
  • And above all else, stop incessantly checking my email, store, social media. [Best decision.]

So it was a good plan and I feel better having done it–re-energized, in a better mood and ready to get back to it.

How about you…what do your mental health days look like?

As always, happy hunting,



  1. Sounds like a perfect day! My antique mall post your ‘sales’ at the end of the day around 7 p.m. if I have checked it and there were no sales for me I will re-check it a couple more times in case there was a glitch! So I understand exactly how you feel. My check for the end of March, last two weeks, after taking out rent was larger than my first two weeks in April will be, with no rent taken out. So there is obviously a lag in buyers for old stuff. But Mother’s Day is coming up, maybe that will create an uptick.

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  2. Hi Karen, I had exactly the same experience! Best month ever in March and a very slow April both online and in my space at the I-76 Antique Mall. Good to know it’s the stars and not me, but still very disappointing. Here’s to a better 2nd half of the month for all of us!

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  3. We are experiencing the same thing in our shop here. We have been doing great since October and this month nothing. I think it’s a combination of terrible weather, gas prices going up and tax time.

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