Fun Finds for a Friday!

I haven’t been sourcing much, but thanks to Beth (a reader and neighbor!) I was pointed to an estate sale that she thought might be up my alley. After weeks of buying restraint, I decided it was time to have some fun.

The house was small but still quite full even though it was the second day of the sale. The two front rooms had organized and priced items, but the rest of the house was all higgledy-piggledy and unpriced. Even the small back yard was filled with boxes and boxes of items to dig around in. My kind of sale!

Photo from the estate sale company.

But alas many of the things I wanted were dirty, stained and/or broken. Books I wanted to buy had too many condition issues. Wool blankets had holes. A vintage cloth doll was ripped and musty. A lacquer box had banged up corners. Poop.

Darn the good stuff was gone! But hold the phone, there were a few things…

My first find was a Wedgwood posy holder made for Colonial Williamsburg. The owner even had a post-it note detailing this purchase ($82.50 plus tax and shipping). It’s in great condition.



Currently folks are listing this for $35-120. Sold prices are typically in the $20s-$40s.

My second find was a large, crocheted piece that appears to be a tablecloth or twin-bed topper, also in great condition. Lately crocheted things have been selling well for me so I had to buy this. Plus, it really is delightful.


And I found this unfinished appliquéd and embroidered Vogue pillow cover from the 1930s/1940s. Isn’t this cute? Can’t believe someone didn’t already snag this.


And my little bit of nonsense was this vintage brass and inlaid stone ashtray. Likely 1950s/60s from India. Not worth much, but I like it. Would be great for burning cone incense.


I also bought a book today, not at the estate sale, but at our library. A fun 1978 copy of “The Lilt of the Irish.”


All in all I spent less than $10 for 5 things today! I’m happy with that. 🙂 Honestly though, I should have spent a lot longer digging at the estate sale. I’m sure I would have found a lot more goodies.

Many thanks Beth for the heads up! It felt so good to be out hunting again.

As always, happy hunting,



  1. I wonder how many hours, days it took to create that crochet bedspread? That’s one of the questions that run through my mind when I see beauties like that. The other question is usually, WHY would you part with it?!
    Love the pillow case. I’d keep that for myself!

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