I Got a Bridge to Sell Ya…Really!

First things first, yesterday was a good day. I got six things listed in my Etsy store. Now I know what you’re thinking…“Six??! That’s nothing.” But for me that represents two-and-a-half hours of work. I had to choose the items to list. Some had to be researched. Others needed to be ironed. All needed to have photos taken (and sometimes retaken), measurements noted, examined for flaws, descriptions written. I tip my hat to folks who say they can list 20 items or more an hour. That will never be me.

Here are the six that I finished yesterday…


As I was choosing what to list from my piles of previously purchased pickings (how’s that for alliteration!) I continued to set aside things that I realized wouldn’t be worth my time/effort to list online. One was a large shawl/scarf in a navy and maroon heraldic pattern that I had bought for $4. Much later I noticed that it had a small pull in the center of the scarf. Even though the pull wasn’t very noticeable I would be trying to sell a slightly flawed, polyester!, no-name scarf on a site with over 500,000 other scarves as competition. Would this even sell? Even without the damage this scarf wasn’t worth much. Why did I buy it? :\ It’s now in my donate pile.

Though I am more focused on listing than buying, I did win this lot in an online auction. I’m hoping it won’t prove too ridiculous…I bought 40 large laminated anatomical charts: 10 skeleton, 30 disorders of the spine.

This is the dark photo from the listing.


The charts have some dates on the bottom, but even blowing up the photo I couldn’t decipher the dates. (Older would be better.) I’m guessing these aren’t too old. Brand new these type of charts sell for $10-$20 each. But can I unload 30 disorders of the spine?? I could see someone using them like wallpaper…or is that too weird? (I paid $48 including shipping for the lot.)

And yes, I do have a bridge to sell you!  It’s a tiny 1950s painting of the Brooklyn Bridge (as indicated on the back) I bought off an eBay seller. I’ve been working at deciphering the signature–it seems to start with “Smi” and end with “iz.” Ideas??


I rather like this! It is framed, though the wood frame is nothing special and the matting is age-toned.

As I was continuing to list older purchases, I rediscovered two hand-written WWII-era diaries I’d bought at an estate sale over a year ago.



These were written on composition notebooks by a woman of unknown age and have quite a few news clippings along with her thoughts on world events, art and life. (Dated from 1939-1943.) It appears that she lived in England and possibly France during part of the war. I love this sort of thing and I’m hoping these find a good home.

So I’m listing a lot, buying a little and enjoying summer and special times with family and friends. Tonight it will be a belated birthday dinner for my youngest daughter who’s 22 now. (Where did the time go??)

Hope your hunting (and summer) are going well!



  1. I think that artist is Ludwik Adam Smialkowski…that is a flourish at the end not a z. From what I see on line, your painting is better than most.

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  2. Hi Karen, I agree, listing 6 items is a great day!…and I usually take photos and do editing a day or two before. It’s a ton of work selling online and I don’t think people understand how much goes into it.
    I too have some items in a Goodwill pile. I try to be so careful and smart when I’m shopping but….
    I see that you offer free shipping. How is that working for you? I think I’m covering the cost of shipping in my sales price, but it did effect my profit margin so I have cut back on offering free shipping.

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    1. Hi Linda. It does take a lot of time!! And then later there’s the time spent packing goods for shipping. (I’ve got a crystal bowl to pack today. :\ )

      I am offering free shipping on some stuff. So far it hasn’t made much difference in number of sales. But it’s early days yet.

      Unfortunately as I’m working my way through my inventory backlog I have found a few more “donate pile” items, but it will be good to have them gone and not cluttering up my office area! – Karen


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