Temporary Dip in Sales? Put the Time to Good Use

When my online sales dip precipitously I tend to get a bit obsessed with my store. For better or worse, it’s on my mind…a lot. Like right now. :\  August was a good month but September has not been kind. The truth is smaller online stores (like mine) that focus on vintage stuff/antiques/collectibles tend to have more ebbs and flows in sales than larger stores or those that sell current goods. So this week, in a serious ebb, I moaned and groaned and wrung my hands and then thought “C’mon girl, now is the perfect time to forge ahead.”

Forging Ahead

So I put in some serious thought and started working hard to re-kickstart sales.

  • First, I put more items on sale. Everyone loves a lower price and a better deal.
  • Secondly, I’m looking at ways to promote my items, possibly paying for promotions within Etsy or Google. I may also cross-post some things to eBay and do more with Instagram. It’s time to more more eyes on my stuff.
  • Thirdly, I’m continuing to look for good items for my store but on a scaled-back basis.
  • And fourthly, I’m listing, listing, listing. The holiday season is right around the corner and the more items I have available in my store, the better for all those gift seekers. I’m dedicating myself to listing 12-18 hours a week.

This Week’s Listing Focus

This week I decided to focus on silver charms since I have so many from both my personal stash and from the wonderful vintage bracelets I bought to “harvest.”

So I pulled out my charm box…


And gathered a few supplies (including my camera of course!).


And started the tedious process of photographing, researching and listing. Here are a few I listed this week.

A 1940s sterling silver Edgar Bergen Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist charm with movable head and string for monocle.


An English silver mechanical church charm that opens to a bride and groom before the vicar.


A charming silver mouse on a wheat shaft charm.


A sterling silver engraved bowling ball charm for the L.B.L Champs of 1933-34.


A rare 1930s/1940s silver cocktail bar charm with movable swivel seats.


A collection of three silver cowboy-related charms.


And a scarce silver tea ball strainer or pomander charm that opens.


And this silver Holy Bible charm that opens to important bible passages, like the Lord’s Prayer and ten commandments.


So I’m going to keep listing and working hard, but because life needs to be lived too, I’ll enjoy some quiet time in my garden, blissfully not thinking about the vagaries of reselling vintage stuff and hanging out with my family watching movies and working on jigsaw puzzles. (Yes, you heard that right! This week it’s a challenging Jackson Pollack puzzle.)

All in all I lead blessed life. I hope yours is too.

As always, happy hunting,


  1. What lovely charms! I never knew there could be so many different and special ones! and hence that people would collect them. Now it make sense.

    Yes, it seems that vintage items business goes through highs and lows, not sure what the reason is. Possibly just a random factor (other than seasonal holidays and pay-day splurging)?
    More promotion should help, although I didn’t have the impression that it was a game-changer unless one has n-thousand followers (and I’m not interested in working towards that because for a number of reasons). Etsy promotion seems to eat up a good portion of the gain, which, after considering time spent on all activities (photos, listing, researching, packing, promoting, etc), doesn’t seem to be that much.
    Also, vintage items are unique one-off sales, so customers may be returning but there is seldom a second same item to be re-stocked.

    I’m also trying to get on with some listing work, cross-listing and generally reducing the number of items from my “collections”. Finally, vintage is for me a hobby, and with full-time working in a completely different field, spare time and energy are limited.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures, I very much enjoy reading about a fellow vintage collector 🙂 I hope your work will bring fruits very soon!

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    1. Hi Gabriella. So far I’m holding off doing paid promotion, like you I’m not sure it’s worth it. Yup, vintage sales are differently “one offs” though I have had a few repeat customers. I’m sure my numbers will improve later this month and in the meantime it’s been good to be so focused on listing. 🙂
      All the best to you and your store,

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