New “On My Shelves”

As I started writing this post yesterday I realized I had forgotten what day it was–the anniversary of the horrific September 11 attacks here in the U.S. That day is clearly etched in my mind and was the shocking capstone to my own personal griefs–my mother had died just a few weeks before and a few days after her funeral I was laid off from the high-tech company I had worked at for seven years. It was a dark, unsettling season in my life.

That was 17 years ago. A lot has happen since then. Some good. Some bad. But mostly good! Including my job of hunting for vintage stuff. I’m having a lot of fun with it.

Here are some of the “new” things hitting my online store shelves

I bought these large old bone and ebony dominoes years ago and decided it was time to let them go. These are a handsome full set of 28.


In a moment of madness a few months ago I bought this big lot of 40 vintage medical charts online. They arrived in a huge box and I realized that shipping these 29″ by 21″ plastic charts to buyers was going to be problematic. So I posted a Craigslist ad to sell them locally. Not my favorite way to buy or sell, but we’ll see what I can do. (My oldest daughter has already put dibs on two of them!)


A lovely, easy-to-ship, item I just listed was this 1927 sterling silver cigarette case by English silvermaker John Rose. This was a gift to someone from the “Blackpool Hairdressers Academy.” I know this because it’s inscribed inside. But it makes me curious what had this person done to get a “token of appreciation” from a hairdressers academy?


And these Mexican sterling silver and foil opal earrings, circa 1950s, came to me courtesy of a friend. (Thank you JoDee!) Rather pretty, don’t cha think?


And here’s a fun thrift store find. Not old, but vintage looking. It’s crushed stone resin Isle of Lewis reproduction chess board box made in Great Britain. This Celtic-looking set is still being produced and new it would include the chess pieces. My box, alas, doesn’t have the pieces, but looks great nonetheless.


And in my week of charms I got this one listed. He’s small and may not look like much, but he’s a rare monkey with movable arms that brings up a spyglass to his eye. Most sell for over $100.


So September is still a lackluster sales month (though of course it may turn around), but I am adhering to the Brit motto “Keep Calm and Carry On.” 

As always, happy hunting,


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