Jewelry and Fabric Finds

First, let me preface this post by saying that September, which started off a super slow sales month, has ended with a small flurry of sales. It still hasn’t been an award-winning month, but at least I’m not wringing my hands and gnashing my teeth anymore! So as a treat yesterday I decided to go to a monthly warehouse sale that features fabric remnants. This month they were also offering some jewelry so I knew I wanted to get in line early to get the best selection, and, quel surprise, I was first in line!

Once the doors opened I sprinted walked quickly to the jewelry area. I didn’t find any WOW items (no 14K gold with a $5 price tag!), but still got a few nice things at reasonable prices.

Here are a few of the pieces I bought…

This simple bracelet of turquoise nuggets includes a sterling silver toggle closure. I believe the stones are natural, but not being an expert on turquoise, I have added a caveat to the listing.


And I spotted this vintage wrapped stone necklace with amethyst, rose quartz, carnelian and aventurine. This one is a smaller, more delicate size than most and can be adjusted to different lengths. It would look cute as a choker. [SOLD]


Here’s a bit of boho fun in the shape of a carved bone elephant necklace.


I rarely buy earrings, but I rather liked these zany spiral ones with with a rhinestone at each end.


And I found some intriguing fabric bits…like this 1 1/4 yard remnant of high-end Belgian fabric from Wind Exclusive Design, called “Pagode”. I found a 12.5″ by 10.5″ piece for sale on eBay for $17. I not sure what you could do with a piece that small. My piece is 60″ by 43.5″…big enough for several pillow cover fronts. Price: $54. A steal…oui?


And I love this two-yard piece of Charlotte Moss “York Cypress” in a linen/cotton blend.


I also bought this handsome plaid wool remnant. I’ve got a solid two yards of this. The only downside–it has a slight musty odor. I may give it a vodka spritz…well first I need to buy some vodka. 😉


And this bit of chinoiserie was made into a drapery panel that was displayed as a sample in a designer showroom. One edge is trimmed in passementerie. Haven’t figured out the maker yet, but it is super amazing fabric.


And this high-end Silkworks “Matisse” linen remnant (2 1/2 yards) from a Janus et Cie store was too good to leave behind.


So I’ve got a few of these listed already and the rest soon will be. I’ve realized though that the more I buy fabric, the more I want to start making things with it. Simple, but useful things like beautiful pillows and totes and maybe makeup cases. I don’t know, but the urge is increasing. Perhaps it’s time to dust off my sewing machine!

As always, happy hunting,



  1. Very nice finds, well done for beating the queue!
    I’m so glad to hear that sales picked up 🙂
    Perhaps you could take a “day off” and play with some of your fabrics? Autumn is the perfect time and weather to enjoy a calm day making new things

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