Life, Finds and Sales


[Skip this section if you don’t want a tedious recounting of my current health!]

basic_blood_pressure_chartLately life has been interesting but not in a good way. A minor skin ailment sent me to my doctor where it was discovered that my blood pressure was super high. Rats! After several days of home monitoring we learned it was not an aberration. My blood pressure was (and is) WAY out of whack. So my doctor started me on medication and I have a list of lifestyle changes that will hopefully bring it back down to normal and keep it there. Flash forward two days and while doing my evening blood pressure reading (required by my doc) I got some crazy readings: 194/99.  What??!! That can’t be right! A few minutes later I checked the other arm and got almost the same reading. Though physically I felt okay I decided maybe I should get to the emergency room. Once there I had an EKG and blood drawn and both were fine. Phew! Eventually after a few hours, my blood pressure came down on its own resulting in my best number this week 147/79. (Okay, still not good, but I was relieved.) And here’s the bit of medical info I got from both the nurse and doctor: Don’t worry about high numbers if you don’t have any symptoms (headache, chest pains, light headedness, nausea, etc.). Easy for them to say “Don’t worry!”

My lifestyle changes: less salt/salty foods (bye, bye bacon), less wine (sigh), more exercise (though not strenuous till my numbers are better), better stress management (easier said than done though prayer helps and perhaps I’ll stop watching the news!) and getting more and better sleep (which is so elusive).


Now onto the good stuff, while all this health stuff has sidelined me and I’ve barely done any sourcing, I did buy a few things on eBay with some eBay Bucks I’d accrued which was fun.

First, I won this antique sterling silver vesta case that probably hung from a chatelaine belt. (This is a pic from the listing as it hasn’t arrived yet!) This a fairly common design but still quite nice and it typically sells between $35-$100. Wouldn’t it look cute as a necklace with a bit of black ribbon? And it opens and shuts securely so you could put stuff in it!


And I bought this nice-sized vintage sterling silver brooch/sash pin with pretty engraving. Also still to arrive in the mail.


And with the last of my eBay Bucks (I had to pay a little) I just won this English 3-pence necklace. Actually it was listed as a bracelet, but it appears to be 15″ long! So not a bracelet unless you wrap it twice…which could be cool. I may keep it together or harvest its 32 coins to sell as charms.


This little engraved gold-tone locket was part of my jewelry haul from last week. Circa 1940s or so, its diminutive size indicates it was likely made for a young girl.


And on my one excursion to my neighborhood thrift store this past week I found this 1998 Disney “Mulan” picture frame. I usually don’t buy stuff like this but Disney sells and I adored watching the movie “Mulan” with my daughters! It’s made of heavy resin and one sold recently for $36. I’ll likely list mine around that price.


I am delighted that October sales have started off better than September! The zany, but exclusive, Wind Pagode print remnant that I just listed sold darn quick. (I paid $4 and it sold for $50 including shipping.)


And these cute Murano glass candies sold. To package them for shipping, I wrapped each one individually in tissue paper before I bubble-wrapped them in groups. My husband thought I was crazy. I say crazy smart! (I paid $5.45 for them and sold the lot for $40 plus shipping.)


This fab Providence sterling silver souvenir spoon sold. (Bought for $6-$8 in a lot, it sold for $40 which includes shipping.)


I also sold a few sterling charms which was encouraging as I have lots more to list!

Well I hope your week was better than mine. 🙂 Would love to hear about it.

As always, happy hunting,



  1. Sorry to hear about your poor health. High pressure requires careful attention to it. On the other hand, it may “force” some healthy life style changes?
    Glad your sales picked up! I also had some good ones recently (mostly not on Etsy – I suspect that their search ranking is penalising foreign sellers).
    I saw your pretty fabrics, I’m sure they’ll sell rather well 🙂
    I have quite a few pretty things to list, but don’t seem to get around to do that much….
    All the best with your health x

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    1. Thanks Gabriella. Yes, it is definitely forcing some healthier life style choices which will be better in the long run. Things I should have been doing all along!

      Glad your sales have picked up too. Hopefully they’ll just keep getting better as Q4 picks up steam! 🙂 – Karen

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  2. Sorry to hear about your BP. Similar thing happened to me not too long ago…going in for a medical procedure and they were unable to do it at the time because BP was well over 200 and diastolic was over 120…I’ll leave it at that. Was sent to the ER room where EKG, blood work, x-ray, etc was done and all was fine. However, hypertension without any symptoms (headache, light headedness, etc) which is what I have, is called the SILENT KILLER. Because you have no symptoms you think you are fine. It IS something to worry about. Don’t know why they told you not to worry. Glad you are monitoring the situation!

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    1. Hi Sue. Thanks for sharing your experience. That’s what I’ve always heard too..that it’s the silent killer. And I am taking it very seriously. Thankfully my numbers today are almost normal (133/84) so I guess the meds and changes are starting to kick in. Phew!

      Hope you are doing well. Blessings, Karen


  3. Try eating more high potassium foods, to balance the salt, instead of lowering salt intake. RDA for potassium is 4700 mg, well above the average intake.

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