Black Friday Finds

I honestly wasn’t going to go out shopping today but my neighborhood thrift store was having one of its rare sales. And since I was awake and knew I could be ready to go in a few minutes I decided why not? I got to the store when it opened and trooped in with five other early birds and was glad I did. I found four things (for a total of $16.00) that I’m quite happy with.

The first was this 1960/1970s Treasure Craft Hawaiian ceramic ashtray. What a great bit of retro fun and a perfect addition for a tiki bar!

This river rock vase would look great in a lodge or cabin or for those who like more natural decor. 

It has numbers (possibly 99120?) and a signature on the bottom that I can’t quite make out. Ideas?

I thought this brass beehive biscuit tin was interesting and then when I flipped it over and saw the Mottahedeh company signature, it was a no-brainer. Someone has tried to polish this in the past and there are dried remnants of polish I will try to remove with a soft toothbrush. Sold prices over the years range from the $20s – $170, though most currently are listed at $60-$109.

And lastly I spotted this fabulous red leather purse. It’s a Banana Republic “Evans Satchel” made in 2013. It is pristine and lovely. I honestly don’t think it was ever used. I’m tempted to keep this as I have a thing for red leather purses, but I don’t need it. Originally the purse retailed for $225, but most are listed for resale at $90-$110.

And on I won an auction for a “Quilt of Valor.”  I’ve researched the QOV foundation and it’s a beautiful thing. Founded in 2003 by Catherine Roberts the idea was to have volunteers craft quality quilts and gift them to those who have been “touched by war.” 

This is the not-so-good photo from the listing.

Mine has a tag with the soldier’s name, city, when it was made, and who pieced it together and who quilted it. This was just made last year and it made me wonder what happened to Michael and why the quilt got donated. 😦  I’m looking forward to receiving this and getting a better look at it!

For those who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, I hope it was blessed. And for those who indulged in a bit of Black Friday shopping today, I would love to hear what you found!

As always, happy hunting,



  1. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Congratulations on the nice finds!
    Could the 99120 be a zip code, maybe where the maker had her/his studio?
    The story behind the quilt is intriguing, although we may never know what happened – maybe the receiver wasn’t into quilts?
    Have a nice weekend!

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    1. Hi Gabriella. Yes, our Thanksgiving was lovely. (Eating too much though! Must go to the gym.)

      I had checked the 99120 as a zip code on the rock vase and it seems to show up as a town in Mexico or Finland! Hmmm.

      Can wait to get the quilt. I had googled the guy’s name and there are three guys by that name in the town it had on the label, possibly related. But you’re right, the recipient may have just not wanted the quilt.

      All the best,

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