Thanksgiving, Buys and Sales

In two days it will be Thanksgiving here in the U.S. It’s a good holiday. One that gives us time to reflect and be grateful and indulge in some darn good cooking. This year my husband is making his mouth-watering sweet potato casserole with a nut topping and my oldest daughter is trying her hand at a pecan pie. I’ll definitely be making my cranberry sauce with oranges, walnuts and ginger. (I’m noticing a nut theme this year!)

And of course the holiday also kicks off Black Friday sales. Not for me the wild crush and craziness of store crowds, but I do enjoy the online deals. 🙂

What I’ve Been Buying

Haven’t been buying much lately and some of what I did buy has gone sideways! Like this mid-century ceramic ashtray. I adored the color and style of this but hadn’t noticed till I got home that it had a repair. (See the repair at the top?) I took it back for exchange.

And I bought this lot of eight Holland America delft coasters, some dated, some not. But it turns out they weren’t worth much and I had paid $8.75 so they went back for exchange too!

Of course the problem with exchanging items at my neighborhood thrift store is finding enough stuff on that day to make the exchange. I’ve had times when I’ve had to drag an item to the store several times before I could make the exchange.

This visit I was lucky exchange-wise. First I spotted this orange leather bucket bag with two different, removable straps.  I can’t find any maker info anywhere but it is well made of soft leather and in great condition except for two tiny scuffs on the bottom corners. Orange is not a color I wear, but as an accessory, I think it’s fun.

It’s got neat zippered pockets on the side.

And to complete the exchange I bought this naive folk art apple painting. It’s just a wee thing, but kinda cute.

A few days ago I won this fabulous 1973 Wallace sterling silver Christmas ornament in an eBay auction. I’m convinced it would make a great pendant too.

My biggest $$ buy lately was a loaded sterling silver charm bracelet. It arrived from England the other day after taking a rather interesting tour of the West Coast according to the postal tracking. I’ll be taking off the charms and selling them singly or in lots. One of the best charms on it is an acorn which opens to a squirrel. I like the miner’s lamp too.

What’s Been Selling This Month on Etsy

I’m thankful sales have picked up this month and they’ve been a nice mix of newer and older finds. Six of these sold items were bought at my neighborhood thrift store which still continues to be a good source for me despite my occasional grumbles.

What I really need to focus on now is listing, and more listing! I still have too much unlisted inventory.

If you’re in the mood to shop online for great handmade goods and vintage stuff, head over to Etsy. Many stores, like mine, have Black Friday sales going on now.

Happy hunting and happy Thanksgiving,



  1. Happy (early) Thanksgiving! I have a squirrel-themed charm bracelet and will be waiting for that acorn charm to go up on your site!!! The apple art is sweet and charming, and with a different frame will be super. Somebody will snap it up!

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