Wonky Customers, Wedgwood & Jewelry

I’ve been lucky so far because I’ve had some of the best customers. Many of whom have gone the extra mile to leave me nice feedback or send me messages. But then I got this one gal and red flags started popping up for me pretty quickly from the copious communications she sent. In the end I decided to cancel her order and refund her. It was not a decision I made lightly but it was the right one for me. (Bottom line: Sometimes a sale is not worth the aggravation and stress!)

But onto fun things. Even though I’ve scaled back my sourcing this month I did find a piece of Wedgwood for myself! It’s a vintage (circa 1980s I believe) Peter Rabbit “Stop Thief” porringer or child’s bowl in near perfect condition.

Paid $6.00.

I bought the creamer in this pattern years ago and it still makes me smile when I use it. Not sure what I’ll use the bowl for, but I couldn’t resist it.

But I’m not so sure I made the right decision about this piece. :\ I spotted this pretty ironstone platter at my neighborhood thrift store. I could tell it had real age, but it also had a lot of utensil scratch marks and small paint losses.

This Wedgwood stamp is circa late 1800s (from 1862 onward).

Despite it being Wedgwood, at $9.00 with the scratches I just wasn’t sure if it would be worth reselling. I tried to do some in-store research but didn’t find anything helpful. In the end I took it out of my basket and left it behind. I think I made a mistake. What would you have done?

Well, in my attempt to clear up more of my backlog I’ve been trying to list items 4-5 days a week. Lately I’ve been focusing on jewelry, but I need to move on to the bigger items like purses to make a dent in the piles!

That said I just listed this charming, vintage articulated teddy bear.

An here’s an unusual Viking charm.

This vintage English sterling silver charm bracelet with heart padlock was one I purchased years ago for myself and am finally letting it go! At 6.75″ long it’s for smaller wrists.

Jewelry has been selling nicely too. I bought this pretty Chinese jade bracelet in a lot on eBay.

Paid $36 for two bracelets, this one sold for $48 with free shipping.

These Coro shamrock screwback earrings sold the other day. They are in great condition, but not uncommon.

Paid $1 or less. Sold for $16 with free shipping.

And this neat 1998 Jerusalem sterling silver sculpture/paperweight by Sam Philipe found a new home.

Paid $20. Sold for $75 with free shipping.

I rather enjoy having it in my one of my cubbies (#23) so now I have an open spot!

I’ll close for now wishing you happy hunting,



  1. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if people are just trying to get one over on you or, if they are truly just ‘different’. My gut isn’t always right, but I still trust it with situations like yours. There is truth to the old saying “Better safe than sorry.”
    If you had bought the plate, brought it home, did your research, found out that it wasn’t as profitable as you anticipated, what would you have done with it? Is it a style you are drawn to? Would you use it some how? Or, would you have donated it back to the store? Just curious. I think it’s very desirable.

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    1. Hi Shari. Honestly I haven’t been able to figure out what was really going on with this buyer. But I was relieved just to cancel.

      I did some research on the Wedgwood plate at home and “for sale” prices were all over the place. (Haven’t found many “solds.”) It is a style I’m drawn to, but wouldn’t likely use. I would have snatched it up in heartbeat if it hadn’t been so scratched. But I still wonder if I should have bought it…my store allows exchanges up to 30 days so it’s not a huge risk.

      Oh well. There are always more goodies around the corner! (Did you find anything in Houston?)



  2. Wow! A return policy of 30 days is terrific! We have 3 days at our local Goodwill stores. Not many other thrifts that I go to around here.
    I found a really interesting wood sculpture of a kissing couple. I’ll be loving that for a while, I think! Nothing else too wonderful. I didn’t have very much time. I’m going back next month to help the kids get the house ready to sell. I’ll take a whole day then! I could spend 5-6 hours in that thrift store (and have!). So sad we don’t have one.
    One of the best is on Fort Huachuca, AZ. I’m still wearing some awesome leather mules I scooped up for 5 cents, and that was in 2004!
    It’s an adventure every time, huh?

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    1. Love that…leather mules for 5 cents that you are still wearing over a decade later!! And that wood kissing couple sounds good.

      I miss not hunting as much, but I’m glad to be getting caught up listing. Still have a long ways to go!!

      All the best, Karen


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