Trying to Shake Off the January Blues

I haven’t seen the sun much this month and I miss it. Even in winter I sit out on our front stoop for a bit on sunny days. I read or write. Or just think and watch the birds. (I put out a few walnut bits for the bigger birds and have managed to get them to come and eat just a few inches from me. ) But it is good to get the rain (we need it) despite the inconvenience at times and the fact that the kitchen skylight that has started to leak…again! (Time to call the roofers.)

I finally took down the last of our Christmas decorations a few days ago and got rather emotional about the passing of another year and another holiday season…and all the family members who are gone and still missed. (Gave myself permission to have a good cry.)

On the business front, January has been mixed too. On the plus side, I’ve been getting some older inventory listed in my store (clearing the decks a bit) and was gifted some jewelry bags from my friend Ann (which were a hoot to go through). Was also touched when my online friend Shari sent me two sweet lace pieces. (Maybe someday we’ll meet and go antiquing together!)

But I’ve missed sourcing at my usual pace, sales have slowed down since the hurly-burly of November and December and I’ve been dealing with potential customers who have been trying my patience. Also in the “some people” category this past week I gave my business card to a gal. My card states at the top “Vintage Things Bought and Sold.” She read it, gave a little snort and said, “Well, you’re not going to get rich are you?” Holy smokes, what a crass thing to say!

But back on the plus front, I do have a few good finds to report including two from my neighborhood thrift store that had just been put out on the shelves that morning…

Now I keep telling myself I’m not going to buy any more crystal but then I spotted this really nice small bowl on the top shelf. Flipped it over and bingo, it was acid etched for Waterford. At home I research it (on and found it’s in the Glencar pattern. Unfortunately, this particular size (approx. 6″ by 3.5″) typically only resells at $35-$45. So not quite the home run I’d hoped for. Still it’s a handsome piece in great condition and, I’ll be honest, I may keep this for a while.

I also found a huge (77″ by 41″) Indian wool shawl/stole with the sweetest bit of embroidery around the border and in the corners. (Elaborate ones can run in the hundreds.)

With some eBay Bucks (store credit) I bought this little antique embroidered bonnet. The seller said it was in “perfect condition.” Perfect condition consisted of several small holes and a stain. Humph! Still it is a nice enough piece though my photo here does not do it justice.

I listed these sterling and turquoise cocktail sticks (signed by J. Suina, who turns out was a Navajo artisan) also “bought” with eBay bucks this month and they were purchased within 90 minutes! (Me thinks I could have priced them higher.)

Cost to me: free. Sold: $95 with free shipping.

I won this charming baby ring of sterling silver, turquoise and pearls in an eBay auction. I’m hoping at size 3.5 it will work as a pinky ring or as a special ring for a girl. This one is still in the mail.

All told so far this month I’ve spent just $32 on goods, which has to be a record in recent years! But with that money I’ve bought some quality items so I’m happy.

I’ve also been enjoying the teeniest bit of weak sun today and trying to shake off (what I hope are) the last of the January blues. Honestly, I know how crazy blessed I am. And I’m focusing on that!

Hope your January has been full of love, laughter and light.

As always, happy hunting,



  1. Just reading your posts has made this gloomy January day into a one of good cheer. I look forward to “reading” you just like I would be hearing from a good friend. Keep on keeping on!

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